I Swear

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" Jane wake up, Dude!!" A voice said as I felt somebody shake me. " Ugh whaaaat! Go awaaaay." I mumbled tiredly while blindly slapping away the person's hand. " I shall not go until you wake up!" recognized the voice as Brooke. What the. " Brooke? What the hell are you doing here??" I groaned softly, slightly opening my eyes to find her looking back at me with a grin.

" Well..." She stopped to sit on my butt. " I wanted to take a walk because It's really nice out and I didn't want to do it alone because then I'll look like a maniac." She continued as I gave her a blank face. " And why me exactly?" I questioned her while she chuckled softly. " Well I thought who else to choose than your lazy ass." She replied, slapping my ass.

" Hey!! I swear to god it's my bad karma coming to get me." I complained lightly and tried to get up but fell straight back into my bed. " Ahm Brooke. Can you please get off of me? My ass is getting numb." I told her. " You sure? It's pretty comfortable." She spoke as she tilted her head slightly. " I'm 100% sure." I confirmed with slight sarcasm.

She then finally got off of me as I lazily sat up. " I'm really not in the mood for a walk." I complain once again, Hoping she will just give up and let me continue my peaceful sleep. " Don't even." She warned me as I groaned softly. " Fine." I mumbled while walking to the bathroom.


" Huh. It's actually pretty nice out." I spoke as Brooke and I stepped outside. " Told you." She replied with a smirk. " Hey! Come on let's go!!" Brooke yelled out suddenly. I looked confusingly over to the direction that she was yelling at. Lucas stood there with a little smile. He waved lightly as he jogged over to us. " Hey Jane." He greeted, opening his arms slightly for a hug.

I looked at his arms then back at his hopeful face. " Hey Lucas." I greeted him back as I wrapped my arms around him in a hug. He chuckled lightly and I did the same. We then started to walk in silence. " You guys continue to walk. I'm just gonna get this call and I'll catch up to you guys." Brooke spoke out of the blue.

" But your phone is not even-" Lucas interpreted. " -Shhhhhhh." She shushed him and walked backwards. I laughed softly at her obviousness. I looked at Lucas and motioned for him to continue walking. We walked side by side until I decided to break the silence. " Look-" Lucas and I said at the same time. " You can start-" We spoke at the same time again.

I bursted out laughing as he did the same. " We both don't know how to do this apparently." Lucas told, a big smile on his face. " Not true! We the best." I said in a dj khaled voice. What? Don't judge me. " Was that really your impression of Dj Khaled?" He asked with a look on his face. " Yeah?" I answered hesitatingly as I gave him a cheeky smile.

He shaked his head and chuckled softly. " Anyways, You know that I love you, Jane. And I care about you deeply. I don't consider you just my best friend. In fact, I consider you my little sister. Because you are my sister! Even though we are in no way related but you are my sister. And I don't give a shit if people say otherwise." He spoke genuinely, a little smile tugging on his lips. " I know. And I love you too." I replied to him while smiling softly.

" And I'm really sorry about yesterday. I'm just so overprotective when it comes to you and Brooke. I'm just worried you'll get attached to her again and she'll break your heart again. I don't want that to happen because you deserve every single bit of happiness in this universe and I hate to see you sad and miserable." He told me.

" It's okay. I understand. And I'm not letting her break my heart again. I swear." I spoke, a small smile on my face. " I hope because I will not hesitate to kick your ass." He warned jokingly. I laughed softly and hugged him tightly. I jumped slightly as I felt someone jumping and joining the hug. " YAAAY. GROUP HUG!!!" Brooke yelled loudly, squeezing both me and Lucas tightly.

" Okay that's enough hugging!! You crushed my whole body, Dude. I swear I'm starting to question if you're Dwayne Johnson's lost daughter or something." I complained while breaking the hug. They both laughed at me. I shaked my head while also laughing lightly. " I know I don't say it a lot but I'm really grateful for you guys." I told them with a genuine smile.

" Awww BOOBOO!!!" And I was crushed yet again by their tight embrace. I missed hanging out with these two idiots. With everything that's been happening, I feel like we really didn't have a chance to hang out. " Wanna go get breakfast??" I suggested, a small smile tugging at my lips. " Hell yeah, I'm starving." Lucas complained while rubbing his stomach and pouting slightly.

" You're always starving! It's Nothing new." I teased him with a smirk. He punched my arm lightly and glared at me. " Not that i'm different." I chuckled softly and shrugged my shoulder. " Food is life, Honey. Food is love. Food is the reason of our existence." Lucas spoke with passion. I looked at Brooke and motioned at Lucas.

" He seriously needs help." She whispered softly, nudging my shoulder. I nodded my head slowly. Lucas just simply smiled widely and skipped away. I giggled and skipped after him. " Come on! What are you waiting for?!!" I yelled behind my shoulder at Brooke. She shook her head and skipped towards us. Once we were beside each other, we linked our arms and skipped to the entrance of the school. God we must've look like 4 year-olds. But that was the least of my worries.

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