But that didn't happen. 30 minutes later he was still up.

"Keithy." Lance poked his soulmate. "Are you still awake?"

"Yeah." Keith sighed lifting his head off the bed. "I can't sleep with you constantly moving around."

"I'm lonely and cold. And uncomfortable." Lance sighed and sat up in his bed. "Can we go for a walk?"

"Are you sure we should be doing that?" Keith asked.

"Please. I can't be in this room anymore. And I know you don't want to be here either because of......" Lance trailed off not wanting to say it.

Keith hesitated but knew Lance was right. He didn't want to be in this room. Not after what happened.

"Alright." Keith sighed standing up. "Can you stand on your own?"

Lance slowly but surely pulled himself off the bed. He wasn't connected to any machines which was good. So he didn't have to worry about bringing them with him.

Together the two boys walked out of the room, Keith snuggled into Lance's side and Lance's arm wrapped around Keith's waste.

"I was scared." Keith whispered. "When I got the phone call from your mom. I couldn't help but think of the worst."

"I'm not leaving any time soon princesa." Lance said. "Not until I have grandbabies."

Keith laughed. "Of course."

The two boys talked about random things until they found themselves in front of a giant window. Mini humans wrapped in blue and pink blankets layed in little bed/basket caught their attention.

Keith let go of Lance and walked up to the window. Breathless, he put his hands on the glass looking at the babies in awe.

Lance watched Keith closely as his soulmate let his eyes wander around the room.

"Wow." Keith said placing his head on the glass. "Lance come here! Look!"

'So cute' Lance thought walking over to Keith.

"Any of them yours?" A male voice rang out making the two males whip their head towards the voice.

"Sorry we didn't mean to scare you." The second male said. "I'm Mark and this is my husband, Jack."

"I'm Keith!" Keith smiled. "This is my soulmate Lance. And no we don't have a baby. We were taking a walk and just happened to walk by. I couldn't help but look."

Jack giggled. "I know what you mean. Babies are to cute!"

"How about you? Are on of them yours?" Lance asked.

"That cutie right there." Mark said pointing to a baby wrapped in pink, in the first row directly in front of Keith.

"She's gorgeous! Congratulations!" Keith exclaimed.

"Thank you. Want to meet her?" Jack Asked.

Keith gasped. "Can I?"

Jack nodded. "I'll go find a nurse." And walked off.

"Do you have a name for her yet?" Keith asked.

Mark shook his head. "We are kind of stuck on two names. Grace and Georgia. We love both names to much."

Lance thought for a moment. "What about Georgia-Grace?"

Mark squealed! "I love it! I'll talk it over with Jack."

Lance smiled and nodded.

That's when Jack returned with a nurse. The nurse unlocked the door letting the 4 males in. She stood to the side letting the others do their thing.

Jack picked the baby up. "Hey gorgeous." He cooed. "Keith meet our unnamed baby! Would you like to hold her?"

"If it's not to much trouble. I would love too." Keith said.

"Of course not. Here. Hold your arms like this." Jack instructed the boy. Keith did what he was told and before he knew it the baby was placed in his arms.

Keith looked down at the baby. "Wow." He whispered. "You are gorgeous."

As soon as Keith finished his sentence, the baby girl opened up her eyes.

"Woah." Keith said and trailed a finger down her nose.

The little girl had two different eye colors. One eye was green while the other one was a dark Violet color.

Lance watched Keith and smiled. 'He's going to make a great dad some day.'

"Love." Mark said. "Lance here fixed our name problem! How about, Georgia-Grace?"

Jack teared up. "Its Beautiful! That's the name!"

"Georgia-Grace." Keith mumbled still awestruck. "If you guys ever need a babysitter I'm available!!"

The others laughed quietly. "You're our first choice Keith."

Lance and Mark exchanged numbers. And then started talking about other things. While Jack and Keith talked about babies.

Little did Lance and Keith know. A certain mother was watching the two boys.

After a bit Georgia started to get fussy. Keith handed her back to Jack. "I think that's our cue to go. I hope we can keep in touch." Keith said.

"Of course. We'll give you a text if we need anything." Jack smiled.

"We'll see you guys later. Congratulations again." Lance said shaking Mark's hand.

Mark smiled. "Thank you."

Lance and Keith smiled back before leaving the room.

"Man." Lance sighed. "We have a lot to consider."

"What do you mean?" Keith asked with a confused look.

"Well if we are gonna have a squishy. Then we need go finish high school, think of college and what we are going to do after." Lance rambled.

"Squishy?" Keith laughed. "Did you just call a baby a squishy?!"

"Maybe." Lance said looking away from Keith.

"Anyways. Let's go to college first Lance. We still have a lot of time. Like you said. Let's figure our future out before babies." Keith said. "Even though I'm having baby fever right now and really really want one, let's just take our time."

"Yes sir!" Lance said stopping in the middle of the hallway and saluting.

Keith laughed. "Come on soldier. Let's head back to the room and get sleep."

"Sir yes sir!" Lance said. "Sir?"

"Yes soldier." Keith played along.

"May I hold your hand Sir?" Lance asked playing his part.

"Hmmm." Keith pretended to think for a moment. "I give you permission."

"Yes!" Lance exclaimed grabbing Keith's hand.

With that. The soulmates walked down the hallway in a comfortable silence.


"Alright Lance. You are free to go today. But you must take it easy for the next 2 weeks. I will prescribe you with some medication for your wound. If you end up pulling your stitches out please come back immediately. For now keep your arm in a sling to prevent that from happening. And remember to come back in 2 weeks so we can take them out." Dr. Sanjay said handing a slip over to Lance.

"Thank you sir." Lance said.

"Have a good day Lance." Dr. Sanjay said and left.

"Let's blow this popsicle stand!" Lance said grabbing Keith's hand and heading out of the door.

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