Chapter 20

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Lance and Keith looked at each other. Both stomachs turning at the thought of Lotor coming back.

"I think I'm gonna get sick." Keith said putting his hands up to his mouth.

"Now what?" Lance asked. "We can't just sit around like ducks. We need to do something!"

"Lance." Roberta sighed. "The police are doing everything they can at the moment to find Lotor. We have no choice but to sit around and wait."

"We'll just continue on with our normal lives for now. You two will finish high school and then I think we should go for a vacation. It's time we get away." Krolia said.

Keith looked down as the room went silent.

"Guys look!" Ryan said examining the paper.

Ryan handed the paper over to Keith. "There is a message addressed to you and only you. The note had another note attached to the back."

Keith looked at Lance, giving him a nervous look.

Lance looked at his soulmate. "Read it baby." He whispered. "Anything and everything will help. Who knows. We could find him with the note."

Keith took a deep breath before opening the note.


My name is Axca. We've never met but I'm Lotor's 'friend'. He thinks I'm on his side but I'm on yours. I know Lotors every move. Where he is going. What he is doing and what he is planning. Give this message to the police right away! Lotor is on his way to California. He's planning on getting unpleasant things they sell there. Very unpleasant things. I have wrote this to help you out. I think Lotor is starting to suspect something honestly but I'll try my best to keep in touch. I would hurry and capture him. Its not just you he wants and/or has. He has many others scattered around the world. He is always watching Keith.

I know you're probably thinking 'why should I trust some girl I've never met before.' And you don't have a reason to trust me. But please trust me on this one. I'll be keeping a close eye on Lotor. I wish you luck. And give Lance my regards.

For now,

"Well?" Veronica Asked. "Should we trust her?"

"I think we should." Ryan spoke. "We should hand that to the police right away. The faster this is done the better right?"

Lance nodded. "Let's go it."


"Keith." Lance whined. "I can't sleep."

"Close your eyes and hush." Keith grumbled. "Your mother is already out. So it's your turn."

Lance groaned. "Fine." He closed his eyes and trying to get some sleep.

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