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1. Can you use chopsticks?

-Yes. Not for rice though. But I can actually handle them decently now.

2. What do you do when you can't sleep?

-Create a cover for another fucking draft because I don't have enough drafts apparently.

3. What would you impulse buy at the grocery store?

-Okay this happens a lot. They stock these giant stuffed animals, like they're legit 4-5 feet long, during holidays and I end up with so many. I have a caterpillar, an elephant and a bunny right now. I had a bear but I gave that to Timothy for the sake of a short joke and he kept it.

Or gum. I get way too much gum.

4. What order do you wash things in the shower?

-Hair, body, elbows specifically, face.

5. What's your coffee order?

-Depends on where I'm going.
Starbucks: Venti iced Caramel Macchiato 2 pumps of mocha and a shot of nutmeg.

Dutch Bros: Iced Molten Lava Mocha extra shot of expresso and a pump of caramel. The Molten Lava is this cinammon dark chocolate concoction and it's pretty amazing.

6. What sorta apps do you have on your phone?

-Either social media type apps or design apps. I do have a couple of mindless clicker games tho.

7. How do you act around children?

-I freeze into this tall awkward statue.

8. What would you watch on tv when nothing you like is on?

-I usually end up watching old westerns since that's the channel we get the most frequently.

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