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I Kamrynn Michelle Dior Gaulden

"Kamrynn get his ass out my window. He keep fucking 'round in my shit Ima call Kentrell or Nisha"

"Draco leave the blinds alone" I said not feeling like getting up, but I knew I was gone have to cause Draco don't listen

He stuck his middle finger up at me and started laughing

This nigga bad

"STOP LIL BOY, YOU SO FUCKING BAD" My Ass grandma yelled scaring him

I got up and pulled him off the couch onto the floor

"Don't get back up there" I said going to sit back down. This nigga started crying

"Boy shutcho ass up, you need to go to sleep. Cry baby ass" I started laughing cause my grandma funny

"grandma I'm on live and you doing all that. They said stop yelling at him" these folks was laughing at her

"ion give a fuck cause he bad, you can tell them Sherhonda said kiss my ass. They need to worry bout them and stay from over here"

My daddy came walking through the door, so I got off live cause I knew something was finna be said that these folks ain't need to hear

"Ohh he done went and got lil Jania" my grandma said referring to Nyah, and that's exactly why I ended my live

"Wait" my daddy said with a confused look, and I started laughing

"I already know cause she called my phone telling me bout it a couple weeks ago. She wanted me to tell you cause she was scared, but I told her no" I started laughing harder

"Kamrynn shutcho ass up cause it ain't funny. Always laughing at the wrong damn time"

"Cool so now ian gotta worry bout telling you" my daddy said dancing

That nigga a clown, why he happy cause he ain't gotta tell her?

"You look stupid as hell. Come'a Jania" my grandma said and Ka'Nyah hid behind my daddy

"Oh I know you ain't shy cause none of Kentrell churn shy. Y'all ain't got no shy bone in y'all body" my grandma picked her up

"Aight I'm gone"

"take them two with you cause he bad as hell and she always laughing"

My daddy looked at Draco then looked at me "let's go"

we got up leaving and my grandma started dancing. I mugged her

"What you dancing for?"

"Cause I got another granddaughter" I rolled my eyes looking at my daddy

"She was this excited bout me?" I asked being serious

" she did a couple of flips and splits" he said nodded

"oh okay, I was just making sure" I said before smiling

"wait hold, you tell me what you was gone do cause I wanna know"

"Don't worry"

"girl please, bye. You yo' daddy and yo' brother,bye" my daddy handed my grandma Ka'Nyah bags with her clothes in it


"Kentrell no" Jania said rolling her eyes. This why I can't deal with females cause they do the most

It's always my baby mommas

"It ain't a no cause I already booked and payed for the trip, so aint shit you can do or say"

"you can't take my child away from me" I mugged her

"I'm not going back and forth with you. She getting on that plane tomorrow and we leaving. You had her for 5 years and Ian know bout her, so fuck what you talking bout" I told her as I went and got back in my car and she followed me

"She ain't got no clothes, so ion know what you gone do"

"Ima go buy her some clothes, you ain't gotta do shit" I turned the car on before putting my seatbelt on

"you know what bye Kentrell cause ian dealing with you. Take her" she walked away and I laughed at her

"That's what I was gone do anyway. You ain't got no say so cause my name on the birth certificate now and I got full custody" I pulled off before leaving and going to my momma house

Nyah stayed at my momma house for a few days

"The door never locked" I said walking in before Nyah came jumping on me. I picked her up kissing her cheek

"grandma made me cookies"

"Y'all saved me some?"

"No" she said before my momma came walking in with her bag handing it to me

"Everything in here?" I asked cause she forgetful as fuck

"Yeah make sure you bring her back"

"Aight ma, I love you" I said before walking out. Draco was already at home, so it wasn't no need for me to go get him

We went to the mall to find her some clothes. Ion know how to pick out no girl clothes so I went and got some clothes that was already together

I went to the Gucci store and a couple of other places before going home

"AYO" I yelled before Kamrynn and Draco came downstairs

"You need to control yo' son cause he bad" Kamrynn said

"Draco chill out" I put the bags down

"you got me something?" Kamrynn Asked digging through the bags

"I bought y'all a Gucci belt and some other stuff. Pull it out the bag so I can put her stuff up. Nyah come on"

We walked upstairs and I put her in the tub and washed her up. I took her out and dried her off before putting her clothes on.

I took her to my room and put her in my bed

"Goodnight" I Said kissing her on her cheek before she kissed me back. I put the cover over her and turned on the bathroom light so she wouldn't be in the dark

I left back out going downstairs to see all the clothes I bought later out on the couch and Kamrynn on her phone

After a while we finished packing and went upstairs. I took my shower before going to get Draco from out Kamrynn room

I carried him from her room to his room putting him in his bed. I went back to my room and went to sleep


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