Chapter 23 : Hope Not

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The door opened...

"Jennie!" Eunbi called Jennie to prevent Jennie from entering the room which Yuqi and Taehyung were in. "Ne?" Jennie turned to Eunbi as she saw Eunbi running towards her. "You shouldn't disturb Irene eonnie since she's resting. Let's just go okay? Kaja!" Eunbi said and pulled Jennie away. "But... Fine." Jennie gave in and followed Eunbi.

Taehyung's POV
"Oh my God... THAT WAS CLOSE!" I said as we both sighed in relieve. "If Eunbi was just a second late, we would've been dead too!" Yuqi said and laughed. "Yeah true." I said and laughed along with her. "So now all we need to do take Irene outta here and-" Yuqi stopped as we both heard Irene's voice.

"W-What are you guys doing?" Irene asked. We both became silent, smile disappeared, turned to Irene slowly in fear. "I-Irene... You're awake." I said as I walked closer to her. I held her hand but she pushed it away. "What? Are you here to show your new girlfriend to me?" She asked coldly as she looked at Yuqi with a cold glare. "N-No... Irene please." She sat up straight before looking at both of us.

"Don't talk to me." She said coldly to me, giving me a stab inside my heart when she says it. "I can expla-" She shut me out with her shout. "I DON'T WANNA HEAR ANY EXCUSES!" I was speechless. What have I done? "You know... I trusted you... One day hasn't even passed by and it... Already happened..." She started to cry. Her tears falling down her cheeks making me feel the heavy guilt inside.

"Please let me talk..." I begged her as I went on my knees looking down in guilt. She turned to me. "You want me to just forgive you that easily? It hurts... The pain, regret, memories and EVERYTHING!" She shouted. "I know you don't want to forgive me... I understand but please just listen..." I said. "The regret I felt in my heart... I was stupid huh? I fell for my own boss although I'm just nothing but a useless normal poor person who is desperate for money." She looked at me with her eyes full of tears.

"I should've known my limits... Our boundaries and..." She stopped as she heard my sobs. "Please... Just listen..." I began to cry. I heard Yuqi gasped as she realised I was crying. "W-What? Please get up... I don't wanna see you-" Irene bent down towards me. I looked at her while crying. "I'm so so so sorry... Please let me explain..." I said. She sighed and nodded slowly. "I want that girl to tell me herself." She picked me up and pointed at Yuqi.

"M-Me?" Yuqi asked. Irene nodded. Yuqi told her what happened in the morning. "Wait... Why did you kiss him?" Irene asked curiously. I immediately turned to Yuqi and gave a blank look. Is this the end of me? Irene would never forgive me again... "Because I loved him." Yuqi said. Me and Irene looked at her and gasped in shock. "W-what?" Irene said. "I loved him... It started since I first met him." Yuqi told her.  Me and Irene became speechless as our jaw dropped, staring at her.

"Can you just?!" The door opened as we heard a loud scolding from Jennie who was trying to push Eunbi away. Jennie's jaw dropped as she saw us with Irene. She got furious as she clenched both of her fists. "Is this why you're trying to stop me from going inside...?" Jennie asked Eunbi with her terrifying angry tone making Eunbi look down in guilt. "It's my fault!" I stepped into their argument. They all turned to me confusingly. "I wanted to meet Irene..." I told them.

Irene's POV
"I wanted to meet Irene..." He told us. I felt... Guilty but happy at the same time. Damn why is it so complicated? I feel bad for thinking he would cheat on me and I made him worried... But happy... Because he cared about me. I slowly flash a smile and chuckled. They all turned to me confusingly. "I forgive you..." I told him. "Can I talk privately with him?" I asked everyone. They all nodded and leave the room silently leaving me and Taehyung together.

He walked towards me as he held my hands. "Irene... I seriously love you..." He said. "I love you too... Hmm... You deserve a punishment for kissing someone else..." I said in a mischievous way making both of us laugh. "Yes I will do anything for you." He said then smirked in a dirty way. I smacked his arm as I knew what he would think when I say that. He laughed at me as he see me pout as a reply to his tease. He suddenly hugged me tightly.

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