Per aspera ad astra

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It's hard to climb on top of mount.
Where no one helps and gives advice.
You'll lead the way through falls and wounds.
With lots of things to sacrifice.

We live, we die, we kill, we lie.
The human's world is full of dread.
Yet are the ones who may still try.
They know the price, but go ahead.

It's hard to just stay strong all time.
And hear the truth that was untold.
Find all the force to stand from grime.
Let go of hand you want to hold.

To ask yourself:"yes?no? and why?"
That every day plays like cassette.
And never have to say goodbye
To loving one you won't forget.

The path from hardship is unique.
With lots of battles that bring scars.
But it worth trying.
Reach the peak
And raise your head to look at stars.

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