Mah Heart. Mah Soul

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Franklin POV

The ride home was quiet. We left the restaurant soon after the incident. Hazel sat in the passenger seat staring out of the window. I drove to the apartment and parked. Before she touched the handle I put child lock on.

"Just hear me out before you get out." I say and she turned towards me and crossed my arms. I did not expect her to actually listen so now my mind is blank.

"When I met you I knew in my heart me and Seven were done. Especially after what she hid. And I want you, I love you. You make me feel something nobody has. But the history Seven and I have draws me to her." I explain as best as I could. I looked at her and she had her fists clinched.

"Were you sleeping with us both?" She asked and my heart dropped.

"I only had sex with her once since I been home." I say trying to avoid a confession. I know she would be ready to leave me alone if she found out.

"Were you with me? Did you fuck her and then come fuck me?!" She asked raising her voice. She pointed between us and I blew my breath and rubbed my waves.

"Yes, I did." I say and she started laughing. I looked up at her and I saw her leg bouncing up and down. She looked angry and to be honest I was scared.

"See I told you. Everything is temporary but I gave you a chance. I told you I loved you! Then you just stomped on my fucking trust and heart like it was nothing! Fuck you! And let me out!" She she went off pushing my head and punching me in the chest. I felt like a piece of shit. I unlocked the door and she got out and slammed the door. I stayed in the car to give her space. I knew she would need some time alone.

I thought about what happened tonight. My life was fucked up again all because of Seven. She makes me feel like this but then she agrees to marry that clown. She knows how I feel about her. But yet she agreed to marry him. Was I not good enough for her? All I want is to be a family. But I guess I'm not good enough for that.

Hazel POV

After slamming the door I ran up to the apartment. I went inside and decided to break some dishes. I threw plates against the walls and glass cups on the floor. Every shatter was a release of anger. When I broke all his dishes I decided to gather my stuff. I packed up my shit for the second time in a few short months. God when am I going to have some peace. Some stability in my life. All my life is full of loss,loss, and death. I packed my shit and decided to text Adina.

To Adina: I know it's late but can you please come get me? I need to get away.

From Adina: No problem! Send me the location and I'll be on the way!!

I sent the location and continued to pack my shit. I heard the door open and I turned around to see Franklin.

"Ca-can I talk to you? I just wanna ask you if you could keep what I said to you a secret." He said and I sighed turning around to look at him.

"So you seriously.. coming here..asking keep what you and your baby mama did...who you cheated on me with. Secret?!"  I ask slowly walking towards him. Then in his face I stood and slapped him.

"I don't know why I expected you to be different." I said and turned around and grabbed my bag and walked out past him. He tried to grab me but I snatched away and left. I stood outside and breathed deeply. I looked at the sky and felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders. I had no one and that was the only thing I knew. I heard a horn and I looked up and saw Adina. I got in the car and threw my bag in the backseat.

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