Chapt.17 - Quest For The Crown

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It was bright and early. The noise wasn't that much of a fuss. Chase had just received a news from Ryder that Chase would be guarding the princess of Barkingburg's crown for the night.

He had clearly stated that they'll be leaving soon. Maybe after thirty minutes, they'll be hitting the skies and off to their destination.

Skye happens to be by his side, after all, they are neighbors after all. So she over heard him. With confidence, she walked over to his house and asked "Hey, since you're guarding the princess' crown, why don't we play something like that?"

His head tilted side ways, right away, she knew it was a dumb idea "I mean, it's okay if you don"'t want, you're an expert at guarding things anyways"

Then she heard him laugh "I don't think it's a bad idea! We can have fun with it! Since, I'll be bored in the next few hours" He admits.

"Come!" He yelled, as he picked up some outfit laying on the grass floor. The other pups have been playing prince and princesses lately, ever since they heard about his special task.

Skye tipped and did a back-flip "Thanks Chase!" She says, then grabbed her pink lacey skirt, then ran to the yard to where she left her tiara.


Skye giggled excitedly, as she sat herself comfortably on her cardboard throne. She don"'t know why she was like this. But somehow, she likes it.

No. Loves it.

"Royal guard Chase, please make sure no one gets their paws on my crown." She playfully demands. Chase looks at her with a smile "I'll keep it safe, Princess Skye." He says, serious-sounding.

Although there was some slight humor in it. Chase 'guarded' his princess' dear crown. He stood by it attentively, with eyes like eagle. He was eager to catch some bad guys.

Until... Rubble appeared! He was walking casually past them, then found Chase and Skye's little play. He decided to spice things up a bit.

"Look, over there, bad guys!" He yelled. Chase turned around to where he was pointing. He was confused "Where?" He questions.

The German Shepherd heard him laugh "Here!!" He yelled out victoriously, grabbing the bowl, which serves as the crown.

Skye and Chase decided that let be it the bowl to be the crown. Skye knew that her crown to tiara wouldn't be safe. They're pups after all! They chew stuff and sometimes, bite marks dent through.

"Hey, come back with that crown!" He yells, loud and clear. Then chased to Rubble. Unfortunately to him, the thief got some company, he called onto Zuma, to where he tossed the bowl later on.

So Chase's attention was completely on Zuma. Marshall was there, and Zuma was left with no choice but to pass it to him, otherwise, they will not succeed with their robbery.

The bowl flew mid-air. Marshall was about to grab it with his mighty teeth, but Chase got it first. Rocky was watching everything fall into place The crown is safe!" He declared gladly.

Skye couldn't help but, grow even wider and how cute he was. Wait what?

"Great job, Chase! Nobody's gonna take the real thing when you're watching it." Rocky compliments, walking near to him.

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