Chapt.16 - He Never Disappears

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Chase woke up early and woke Ryder up. Ryder was awake already, so its pretty much he fetched him from upstairs.

With a bag of dog food in his arms. He and Chas rode the elevator downstairs. He filled Marshall's bowl first, and made his way around 'till it reached Chase's bowl.

As they stopped at Skye's doghouse, she was awake, but, groaning. "Skye! Are you okay?" Chase cried, as he checked on her.

Ryder reached his hand out to Skye, and placed a hand on her. She had a fever, when Ryder had announced his diagnose, Chase whimpered at this.

"I'll call Marshall to give her, her medicine." Chase nodded, then watched Ryder go left to call Marshall and use his medical pup-pack.

After he disappeared, and was unable to be seen from his view... His attention returns to Skye. Her eyes looked heavy, that she couldn't even barely open them completely.

She was panting, as her rising body heat was making her feel warm. The sun was out, so Chase knew it won't be comfortable for her. Because she has fur covering her, and a fever, just to add up more heat.

It's be slightly handy for winter. But, no one wants to be sick, honestly... "Skye, are you okay?" He whispered.

Skye tried to open her eyes, it was very burdensome to her. "Yeah... I think I caught a fever from yesterday... Me and Zuma played out in the rain, and I forgot to dry my head off" she smiles weakly.

Chase was honestly surprised how a Cockapoo like her, could just smile a pain off. Or... Rather, her illness. The last time he got sick, he felt like he's dying!

"I wish I was there to help you..." he muttered "I was back there at Barkingburg" his voice sounded guilty. Skye felt bad for him. "It wasn't ant of your fault Chase. It was mine, I should have been responsible"

The German Shepherd nodded "Well, I'm going to make it up to you. I'll take care of you, on behalf of Marshall" he grins brightly.

His smile was contagious, that the Cockapoo herself, smiled as well. As Chase laid outside her doghouse, Marshall and Ryder appeared with medicines.

There was a pack of kool fever to place on her head, to keep it cool. There were a few liquid medicines she needed to drink, and a pillow for her to comfortably sleep on.

After Doctor Marshall had fixed her up. Marshall and Ryder left Chase to take care of her. The pups slowly went out of their kennels to play.

Skye looked over to Chase, who watched the others play "Chase... You should probably leave me here. Go ahead and play with the others" she pleaded.

Chase looked at her nodded sideways "Not happening. Except if Ryder needs me though... I'll be staying here as much as I can, incase if you need anything, and I'll get it for you. So you don't have to stand up"

"Chase, you don't have to do that" she says. "What? I can't let the pup, the lo--"

"Chase, I need you"

After the light from Chase's pup-tag went off. He looked at Skye "Go on Chase, I'll be okay". But in return, Chase just smiled painfully at her.

Not wasting another second, Chase stood up, to walk to... Zuma? "What is he doing?" She thought "I thought he's supposed to go to Ryder?"

After the two pups who were talking animatedly, Zuma and Chase walked over to where she was. "Skye, Zuma will be taking care of you. Just call him if you need him" Chase explains.

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