Return to Omashu

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Aya's POV

"I can't believe it. I know the War has spread far, but Omashu always seemed... untouchable." Aang spoke in a shocked tone, turning to us with a sorrowful look.

Maybe that's why the Fire Nation was near. They were here to take over Omashu, but I could be completely wrong.

Sokka crosses his arms over his chest. "Up until now it was. Now Ba Sing Se is the only great Earth Kingdom stronghold left."

"This is horrible." I stepped forward to stand next to Aang with Bubbles attached to my arm like always.

"It is, but we have to move on." Katara declared and I glanced at her. She has a point but Bumi is there and is also Aang's friend.

"No, I'm going in to find Bumi." Aang denied.

"Aang, stop. We don't even know if Bumi's still..."

"What?!" Aang asked, angrily. "If he's still what?"

Sokka's expression became unsure. "A-around."

"I know you had your heart set on Bumi, but there are other people who can teach you earthbending." Katara reasoned with our Avatar friend.

"But Bumi is Aang's friend." I countered with a soft voice.

"Yeah, this isn't about finding a teacher. This is about finding my friend." Aang agreed.

We decided to go below Omashu's front gate and open a door to a secret tunnel to get in to the city. We couldn't be seen by the Fire Nation so we have to enter Omashu by a tunnel.

Aang was attempting to open the entrance to the secret tunnel.

"A secret passage? Why didn't we just use this last time?" Sokka asked.

Aang manages to open the tunnel but inside was filled with sewage and I mentally gagged.

"Oh god," I muttered with disgust.

"Ugh!" Sokka grimaced.

"That answer your question?" Aang asked.

"Eww!" Sokka shivered.

We carefully proceeded through the tunnel and trudged through the sewage. Aang purposely kept me close to I wouldn't get covered in sewage and conjures an airball with his staff to clear the path and Katara waterbended the sewage away. Sokka, on the other hand, was probably getting soaked in the disgusting sewage.

My arms were wrapped around Aang's neck as we walked through the sewage. Bubbles was on my back as we maneuvered through it.

After a good minute or two, we managed to make it through and Aang, Katara, and I didn't have any sewage on us. I let go of Aang and turned to Sokka, who was covered in the foul substance.

"That wasn't as bad as I thought." Katara mentioned.

Sinks emerges from the sewage covered in it. Katara waterbends nearby water and splashes Sokka with it so it washes of the sewage. Aang airbends Sokka to dry him off. Suddenly Sokka screams when he is completely cleaned off and spots three small creatures has attached to his skin.

Sokka panics and tries to yank off the bugs. "Ahh! They won't let go! Help!"

Aang quickly tackles Sokka to a wall in order to silence him.

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