princess's first time

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daddy pov

for the last few months i could tell princess was getting more horny and more sexually frustrated.

some nights she would wake me up just to ride my face or suck my cock. i knew that was scared to have sex but i think it's what she needed.

what we needed.

i knocked on the wall as i walked into the play room where she was coloring a picture.

"dada, look! see it! see it! see my pretty picture?!", she yells running over to me excitedly.
"yes princess, its beautiful"
"it's me and you. oh and mr.fluffy!", she giggles and hops around.
"come here princess, we need to talk"
"oh no, iz sorry. is iz in trouble?", she pouts.
"no princess you've done nothing wrong, daddy just wants to talk"
"otay", she grabs my hand and i lead her to the bedroom.

she hops on the bed and then kicks her feet at the end of the bed.

"okay princess so you know how you and daddy have been have some fun lately? sex type of fun?", she nods quickly. "do you think you're ready for actual real sex?", she hesitates but nods her head.
"good because daddy thinks you're ready too", i kiss her lips.
"lay on your back princess, daddy's gonna get you all warmed up"

she lays down and i spread her legs. then i unzip her zebra onesie. she wasn't wearing any underwear or bra. i pulled her out of it then massaged her tits. she whimpered in response.

i kissed down her small body all the way down to her clit. she yelped when i kitten licked her clit. her pussy was super swollen and throbbing. i didn't want to torture her more.

i rubbed her clit a few more times to get her juices flowing before it was time.
"are you ready, princess?", she just looks at me with pleading eyes. "look, princess. it's gonna hurt", she hides her face from me when i talk about pain. "but i promise you i'll feel good after a while and plus just tell me if you need me to stop, okay", she slowly nods.
"okay here we go", i grab my cock and tease it at her entrance.

she holds on to my other hand, squeezing it. i slowly push the tip in and she squeezes my hand tight and whimpers.
"it's okay princess", i say soothing her.

i push a little farther in and she pushes my chest. i kiss her lips and push more. i see tears forming in her eyes.

poor baby.

princess pov

the pain was horrible. i could feel tears beginning to fall from my eyes. i couldn't help it the pain was just too great. he wasn't even a inch in me and i couldn't take it. it was all just too much for one princess to handle.

i just wanted it all to be over. daddy said it would feel good but it wasn't.

daddy looked down at me, "daddy's gonna pushes all the way into you on the count of five..."
my eyes go wide, "no! no! no! make it ten"
"never mind make it five again", i decide.
"okay...five...four...three...two...", i grab onto his hand and close my eyes. "one"

he pushes himself the whole way in and pain shoots up my spine and through my body. i scream out it pain and agony. tear paint my face as daddy tries to calm me.

"i done! i done!", i scream not wanting to continue.
"shhhhh....", he whispers in my ear.

he slowly moves in and out of me. at first it stings but the pain starts to go away.

but how?

eventually it starts to feel good and daddy goes deeper in me. i feel him hit my g spot and i moan really loud. he just goes deeper and faster.

it was great. i liked it a lot.

"yes princess?"
"i-i'm gonna cummmmmm!!!!", i yell as my eyes cross and i cream and squirt everywhere.

but daddy doesn't stop. my sensitive clit begins to hurt again as daddy keeps going. i cry out for him to stop but he says he gonna cum.

i whine the whole time. i finally feel a warm liquid shoot up my slit. it fills me up.

"can yous run mes a bath, my princess parts hurted", he nods his head and kisses my forehead.

i guess sex isn't thhhhattt bad. *giggle*


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