Part 1

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- Ingrid, you and your big fat butt need to hurry the fuck up!!! I yelled.
- Stop being mean, you know that it takes time for perfection. And also stfu you're just jealous of my perfect butt. She answered.
-Okay now that you're ready we need to go at the bus stop or else we'll miss it. And if we miss it I'm gonna kill you.
- Calm down, we're not gonna miss it.
- I hope for your life that you're right.

We went outside AND SKSKSKSKSS
We nearly missed the bus but the chauffeur
was nice enough to stop it and we made it in time.
We were so out of breath cause we were running.
I think we need to exercice more.

Ingrid was laughing.
This girl, I don't even know how to explain,
is like the laugh itself.
I swear to god that she's always laughing.
Like everything is funny to her.

So anyways, you must wonder why we were
so in a hurry.
It's simple, we don't want to miss
So months ago, our favorite band, Why Don't We
announced tour dates for their new album 8 letters.
And we bought tickets for the show AND for the meet&greet.
We took the the pack (?) where we don't just take a picture
No mister, we're going to meet them and hang out before
and after the show.
That why we're so excited.
But for that, we need to be there like 4 hours before the actual show.

And obviously, we're late and because of that, we are at the end of the line.
Literally at the end.
There's like so many people and we're never going to meet them.
As time pass by, the line become shorter and shorter but it feels like and eternity
It shorten too slowly and if it continues like, that we won't see them.
OMGGG it's finally going to be our turn!!!!
There's two girls before us and then our dream will come true.
We waited for this all our life!!!
I literally can die after this moment.

When we're going to move forward,
Tyler, their manager tell us that they don't have enough time for the meet and greet.
We're so mad and angry. We waited for 4 nous for fucking nothing.
How is this shit is fair?
Why do these things always happens to us?!
I think Ingrid is gonna kill someone.

He gave us vip things to meet the boys backstage after the show.
We thanked him and went inside to wait for the concert to start.
We were so excited and hyped for that.

<<Skip to the end of the concert>>

The concert was so awesome and we cried when we saw them.
Ingrid was singing along and yelling so much.
I thought that I was going to be deaf.
Anyways, Brynn Elliot and EBEN were good too.
So we spent a great night.
My throat is aching so bad but it was worth it.

We're now in direction to meet them backstage.
We're literally shaking and we are so nervous.
We showed the VIP things to the bodyguard and he guided us to their dressing room (lodge).
We knocked at the door and someone went to open...

To be continued...

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