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I saw Mon do this (lowkey went through her random book looking for tags to do tbh)

1. Do you care what others think about you?

-Yes and no. It honestly depends.

2. Middle name?


3. Favorite sport?

-To watch it's basketball, but to play it's volleyball.

4. Best friends?

-Tem, Sierra, Ben all irl and then just a whole bunch of people here.

5. Someone you couldn't live without?

-My mom. I love her so much and the world wouldn't be the same withour her.

6. Favorite name/nickname people call you?

- I like Ana, it's cute. Or Enby calls me Sprout which I also love.

7. Preferred pronouns?

-She/Her only

8. Have you ever been asked out?

-Sort of? I haven't been asked out romantically. I'm not sure how much I want to talk about that.

9. Do you believe in true love/soulmates?


10. What are your top three pet peeves?

-When people get impatient behind you as you're trying to put away your money so you can take your groceries.

People walking into class an hour late and then asking millions of questions that they would've known the answer to if they just like showed up.

People making height jokes that are lowkey transphobic.

11. Do you consider yourself an emotional person?


12. Words you often say?

-Cool cool, lol, tbh, honestly, mood, same, doggos.

13. Your favorite picture of another person?

 Your favorite picture of another person?

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14. Favorite hobby?

-recently it's been photography.

15. Role model?

-Uhh I dunno. Prolly Zendaya.

16. Who is the best person you know?

-All y'all reading this

17. Crush?

-Life is complicatedddd.

I tag:
And whoever else wants to do it.

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