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note: in this little story you're part of tua cast season 2 so therefore you know the whole young cast and you're friends with them etc. etc. (:

your pov:
tj, eden, and i decided it would be a good idea if we all went to the movies, so we walked to the boys trailers and knocked on each of their doors asking them if they wanted to come along. all of them were free and the theater was close nearby therefore we decided to meet up at 5 in front of blake's trailer.
me and tj went and grabbed our clothes and went to eden's trailer, where all 3 of us got ready there. as i was putting on my shirt, i saw eden and tj giggling out of the corner of my eyes and decided to ask them what they were laughing about.

"what are you two losers giggling about?" i asked sarcastically with a grin.
"oh, nothing." eden replied, making a 'shake it off' hand gesture as if telling me to ignore them.
"just the fact that dante was looking you up and down when we were at his trailer." followed tj, laughing afterwards, eden joining in.
"no he wasn't!." i threw my uniform at them, looking annoyed.
"sure he was!" they both replied.
"plus why would someone as hot as dante see anything in someone as ugly as me." i said turning around.
"oOoUuUuu!" tj cooed.
"looks like someone has a crush." eden said.
"what if i do?" i replied sassily.
"ohmygod, you two would make the cutest couple!" tj squealed.
"c'mon guys quit fangirling and hurry up we have to meet up in 15 minutes!" i said slipping on my shoes and checking the time on my phone.

we finished up getting ready and started heading towards blake's trailer, me in the front and the two girls behind me, giggling every now and then.

dante's pov:
i couldn't help but eye (y/n) up and down. she looked so pretty in her little school uniform.

"hello? dante so do you wanna go or?" i snapped out of my gaze as i heard eden snapping her fingers in my face.
"yeah sure." i said agreeing to go somewhere i didn't have a clue since i was obviously admiring (y/n)'s beauty.
"alright then meet us in front of blake's trailer at 5, we'll walk from there." eden added.
"okie dokie." i said stepping back in my trailer and closing my door.

i let out a big sigh as i thought of (y/n). if only she knew how i felt. wait, today was my chance, wherever we were going, i could confess my feelings towards her there. i decided to call blake and tell him about my plan, since me and him were best buds.

"i knew it! i've known all along, you, dante albidone, have a crush on (y/n) (l/n)!" blake yelled through the phone.
"woah, calm down there buddy, you seem more excited than me." i chuckled.
"alright, when we get to the movies you can sit by her and i'll sit on your other side and help you out, you know, blake's love advice is always good help." said blake in a professional tone.
"oh, so that's where we're going. anyways let me get ready and we'll figure things out on our way there." i told blake, hanging up.

i slipped on some jeans and my shoes and put on a hoodie, making sure to put cologne on it, just in case (y/n) got cold, therefore i could offer it to her. i headed out to blakes trailer and met everyone up there.

a/n: this is kinda trash but i hope you still enjoyed it and i'll make sure to post part 2 tmr! luv u guys<3 + also i have school and state tests atm so my posting schedule, i'm still figuring out, so it'll be wack but i'll try to post as much as i can when i can. okie bye bye (:

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