Chapter one

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"did we really have to move?" I groaned as I unloaded another box from the car putting it on the floor a little too hard making me wonder if there was something breakable inside , I guess I'll find out later

"Not this again, I've told you already Ella" my mother rolled her eyes at me as she put her hands on her hips , we had just arrived in Pasadena from Providence, a long way from home I know wasn't my choice , nothing in my life is actually,  my father's law firm transferred him to California getting that promotion he always wanted as he told us we were moving to Pasadena , my mother agreed of course saying that it would be an adventure and that something new would be good for us she meant more for her cause she also got the job of her dreams being the head nurse from the local hospital , but now I'm here unloading my stuff from the car thinking what the hell am I supposed to do. Make new friends? I have one friend and that's good enough for me and making friends in a place you've never been and don't know anyone could go horribly wrong
What is my life going to be now

"Ella! Get up you're going to be late for school" I heard my father's stern voice making me jolt awake , I looked around confused not knowing where I was realizing I was at my new home , groaning I searched for my phone turning it on seeing it was 6:35 ,in a panic I hopped off the bed groaning that I missed my alarm as I frantically combed my hair and bushed my teeth in my new bathroom , I did like having my own bathroom which was huge I could fit 50 people in here

"What am I going to wear" I mumbled to myself looking down at my suitcase seeing mostly winter outfits and for a warm weather like this I would be cooked alive so I just grabbed a random shirt and my ripped jeans , looking at the mirror I fixed my Nirvana T-shirt and headed down stairs already smelling the sweet smell of pancakes

"Good morning" I smiled to my mom who just placed a plate of pancakes on the counter as I walked to her kissing her cheek before heading to the food

"Are you excited for your first day of school " she asked smiling as I finally took a good look at her , her brown locks was in a bun as she wore her scrubs ,her dark brown eyes were filled with excitement , she seemed more excited for school than I was maybe she would like to go in my place

"I guess" I said stuffing a piece of pancake in my mouth as I focused on the plate , in fact I was terrified to go to school I've never been the new kid before so everything is pretty new to me, I have no social skills so I'll enter the school being the weird girl that has no friends. Fantastic , someone hit me with their car already "where's my father " I tried to take my mind off school as I looked around still not seeing him since he woke me up

"He left" she sighed putting the dirty pans in the sink "so you'll be riding with me seeing that he left you behind without thinking, so hurry up"I nodded quickly stuffing my face with pancakes before hopping off the chair , heading to the living room to get my backpack before heading to the door to get my shoes something caught me eye as I look out that small window on the door , my mouth pops open as I look at an actual God standing on the porch right in front of my house,his dark hair was beautiful messy on the top his head, his blue steel eyes were looking around as he stepped down the steps of the house ,his red plump lips were pressed in a thin line as his jaw was just getting more sharp , my eyes traveled down his body as I wasn't sure if he was wearing a shirt or the shirt was wearing him on how it hugged his body perfectly

"Honey are you okay" I jumped from the sound of my mom's voice as I turned around seeing my mom give me a concerned look , I quickly nodded as I put my vans on opening the door heading to the trying very hard not to look at the God across the street as I frantically hopped in the car "are you sure you're okay?" My mom hopped in right after me turning the car on

" Yup fanatic just excited for school" I smiled lowering my body as we pulled out the driveway, the drive was long to school seeing that I had to walk back home since my mom working today , arriving at the school grounds it was large and I was sure I was going to get lost in there , the people walking in the school pass our car looking at me making me just want to go back home
"I'll be home at six okay " she told me giving my hand a quick squeeze as I unbuckled my seatbelt as I hoped out, waving a goodbye as she drove off, I turned to my new school girls looking at me head to toe making me regret not wearing something nicer , groaning a bit I followed the crowd , the halls were packed with people laughing and some screaming their heads off, I had only a small piece of paper written with my locker number and my class for today and right now I needed to get to history class like I knew where that was , looking around to see if I magically found a sign saying 'history class in here' but instead I found my face dumping into someone's chest making the backpack on my shoulder literally fly off my shoulder on how hard I hit the person

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