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Ningning smiled upon arriving at the airport. Her eyes scanned the outside, scanning the people's faces who are coming out of the departure area.

"Yah, jie, where are you going?" She asked Yiyang who stood up from the chair she was sitting on. "Don't leave me here alone."

"Chill, Ningning. I'll just answer this call from my mom." The older said, stepping away from Ningning.


"Taeyong-hyung could you drive a bit faster?" Renjun said, his hands were shaking. "Hyung, jebal." He said.

"Renjun, I can't drive easily if you keep on shaking my shoulder." Taeyong said, giving the younger a stern look.

Renjun sat back, leaning his head behing the driver's head rest.

"Hey." Eunmi patted the younger's shoulder. "It'll be fine. As long as Jisung doesn't receive any message." She said, trying to calm Renjun down.

"You got this Injoonie." Mark said, patting his shoulder.

They're on their way to the airport. He's determined to make Ningning his. He doesn't care a single bit, even if there will be a lot of people. It's now or never.

He sighed and looked at his lap. He was still holding the letters. Pondering every strength that he has, he decided to open one of the letters.

Dear Renjun,

His hands were shaking upon seeing the famiar penmanship. It was indeed, yz. He remembers the first few letters she gave him. He doesn't know why he rejected the others anyway.

You probably won't be reading this letter anymore since I've already seen you throw my letters away twice. But hey, here I still am, writing a letter for you.

I'm wondering, will something change if you know who I am? I mean, you probably don't care about me right? You probably won't even know me if it weren't because of Chenle and Jisung.

     Anyways, I'm still here, liking you from afar, because that's what I've been doing... right from the start.


His breath hitched. If it weren't because of the book, they wouldn't know each other. Maybe Ningning would still be daydreaking about him. Renjun, on the other hand, wouldn't know how it feels to be loved.

He opened another one.

Dear Renjun,

    I'm sorry if I had to avoid you. I'm scared. I'm scared to fall even deeper. I'm scared that if I fall way too hard, you won't be able to catch me anymore.

     Renjun, if there's one thing loving you taught me, it would be patience. Before, I woulf just watch you from a far, admiring everything that you do. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not a sasaeng or anything. You know that.

     By now, you may or may not know who I am. And to be honest, I don't really care anymore. The truth is, I'm giving Jisung every letter that I write. I told him to give them to you when the right time comes.

     Ren, it's me. Yizhuo.

     I know it's a pretty lousy pen name, but it's the best one that I could think of. Who knew that you would even notice my existence, much more liking me back? It worked though, because you didn't know that it was me. Not until now.

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