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"Beat them or join them"


-Friday, December 31st, 7:15pm.

"...I've gotta go, mom. I've gotta leave. You know me, you know my story, more than anyone else. You know how much I've been mistreated, and made fun of. You know how many times that I've been engaged, and lost all three fiances to THE SAME SET of girls" Allison croaked.

She sniffed twice, and wiped the tears that was escaped her eyes with the back of her hand. A low sob escaped from her mouth. She looked back to her mother. "I don't belong here mom, you understand that right?

"I understand my dear, I understand. I've been here the whole time, and I'm so proud of the strong woman that you've become" Mrs. Kringle muttered, she adjusted in her chair. "Now I can't tell why those things happened to you, or why those mean girls took what belonged to you. But, what I can tell is that God knows why it happened. He has a reason for everything. He loves you, and I love you too my dear. But if you ever change your mind about leav..."

"I won't." Allison cut her mother short. "I've made up my mind, and I'm leaving. I don't belong here. And if truly God has a reason for letting all those things happen to me, then the only reason I can think of is that God was trying to tell me that I don't belong here, and that I should leave"

Mrs. Kringle sighed. "Well where do you wanna go?"

"I'm moving to New York"

"I can't hold you back, but I can support you. I want you to always remember God. Don't forget what I taught you and how I raised you. Don't trespass, don't sin against God. Be a devoted Christian my child."

Allison wanted to tell her mother that She's done believing in God, She's done being a devoted Christian. But She didn't want to hurt her mother's feeling. If God truly loved her, then he wouldn't have let those girls steal her fiances or let them treat her the way they did, She thought. God doesn't love her, so now She's done loving him.

If there's one thing She's gonna do when She goes to New York, it's live a carefree life and chase after things that matters, things that are more important than 'God', in the likes of money, wealth, fame, popularity, celebrity, just name them. But still, She let her mother finish to preaching, even though She wasn't buying it.

"... So dear, would you come often to visit me?" Mrs. Kringle inquired

"Yes mom. Maybe once or twice a year" She lied

She knew that She's not coming back here, not anytime soon. She can't face those ugly bitches. She hated that She used to call them 'her friends', until they ran her over again and again. If She's ever gonna come back here, She must have something to show for it. She swore to make a lot of money in New York, and then She'll make those bitches pay. She'll buy all their houses and set them on fire. Which is why She has to make it big in New York. She has to make money, fame, popularity and become a celebrity at all cost. And when She return, She will be the winner and those bitches the losers...

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