Not Iris

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"Barry,  Iris went to the future, just get her back." Cisco said

"No, it doesn't work that way, I'm not doing that. How did she go anyway"

"We know Ralph had something to do with it but he won't admit it." Caitlin replied

"Okay, I'll figure something out later, It's 1:24 Am you should go, home guy,"

"Yeah see you guys tomorrow," Cisco said jumping into a portal (Forgot what they were called)

"Look, Barry, you guys were arguing yesterday she just wanted to see Nora. Take it easy on them there your family." 

"How do you do that" he said walking behind Caitlin

"Do what." She asked looking at a paper on the table

"Always find the good in people." he said and Caitlin could feel his breath on his neck

"Barry we are still at work and Someone could see or hear us." She said

Barry started kissing her neck "God your beautiful Cait" Caitlin blushed then remembered Barry wouldn't say that unless he wanted sex

"Barry don't this here, this could and will ruin you entire marriage, friendship and can cost you a family."

Barry turned her around "you're worth all that Caitlin" he said looking down at her lips and connecting it with his a first Caitlin pulled back "Barry-" but he did it again, this reminded her of when Hanniball bates had kissed her. Barry and Caitlin both didn't show any sign of  stopping, the had named It friends with benefits but what the both of them don't know is that the feelings they had, where slowly regrowing.

They were playing with destiny but then again destiny isn't set in stone. 


The next morning Barry and Caitlin where heading to star labs, throughout the entire morning they hadn't said a word to the other, denying any of the feelings they felt and replaced it with detachment and anger.

Barry entered star labs first, then Caitlin. When they got in they saw Cisco, shouting into the coms, "Ralph get her back here, Ralph...Ralph." 

"Hey Cisco what are you yelling at." Barry said in a still unenthusiastic tone but he put on a fake smile and walked in.

" Ralph and Iris are at the future I managed to talk to them threw the heads set Caitlin used to contact you in Nora's." Said Cisco, Barry flinched at Caitlins name but covered it up quickly.

"Cisco I have a feeling your not telling us something." Caitlin add so she doesn't look suspicious  

"Um...Barry your daughter came back to the past, now she jumps between timelines." Cisco answered

"How didn't feel her in the speed force thats not true." Barry stated in denial 

"Barry she entered the negative speed force, either she has plans to for fill or-"Cisco began 

"Someone made her do it, someone like-" Barry added

"The reverse flash." Caitlin finished


"No I'm going you can't stop me." Barry said loudly 

"Okay man just be safe." Cisco stated patting his shoulders

Caitlin then walked up to barry, although saying goodbye is the last thing she wants to do she still had a fear or was it a feeling he was going to get hurt.

Caitlin then walked up to barry, although saying goodbye is the last thing she wants to do she still had a fear or was it a feeling he was going to get hurt

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Caitlin looked at him and knew what he said was true she wasn't Iris she's nothing compared to Iris. 

"You're right I'm not." she looked straight into his eye hoping he could feel her hurt "Bye Barry." was the last thing she said before running out of the cortex.

She hadn't planned to come back, but where would she go? Through everything they had gone through Barry had seen her as just an item to be used and thrown away.

'Why am I even Crying' She thought. Two days ago she had believed that all her feeling for Barry had disappeared and there was just pleasure. She cried the rest of the day in her closet and ended up falling asleep in the process.

Barry felt the need to run after her and apologize but he was right she isn't Iris. 'Why did I do that' he thought. Through the past few days of just lust, he felt an attachment. But quickly got rid of those feelings due to Iris what he said was true, she wasn't Iris but now that he thinks about it, it's a good thing.

"Ready to go"Cisco said walking in.

"Yeah yeah so the plan is I go and get the two of them back here, then I talk to Nora."

"YuP, hey where's Caitlin?" 

"I think she went home"

"Oh okay Good luck man."

And just like that barry was at the future.

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