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//I'll add on to this if necessary XD and yes. I am evil, don't mind me XD
And yes it took long. Sorry and yes it's not that good, sorry. XD

The plan is quite simple. I want to be the king.
Ahhh, and to be the king of Gotham first you need to build a kingdom. You need people and resources...

My Queen jokerslilclown Every kingdom needs a queen

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My Queen
Every kingdom needs a queen. HAHAHAHA. And this one is mine. I do know, Lucy will never be mine willingly. That's why I've decided I'm going to hypnotize her. Yes, I've got everything ready.
And no, you cannot help her. Once she's hypnotized she'll do exactly what I tell her to. She'll be mine once again. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. All I ask of you is for everyone to step aside, that way no one gets hurt. Sometimes we have to let things happen. Let me live my life and you live yours. This won't hurt the sweet doll.

This one was mine a couple of days ago. But some of her little friends helped her escape. Ahhh doll, I did warn you. And now it's time to teach you a little lesson. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. You know what I've always wanted to see? Sister vs. sister. Ahhhh, perfect! All I need is for my hypnotize queen to kill her little sister. HAHAHAHAHAHA. I doubt you'll stay dead for long, so once you come back, I've got other plans for you. Not sure what that is, quite yet. But, I'll either make you my second queen or make you work for me. Of course, to accomplish both of those tasks I must hypnotize you. HAHAHAHAHA.

Ahhhh you. Always playing pranks and little jokes on me. Now it's your turn to be the joke, clone. I'm afraid I've got plans to kill you. I've discovered a new way to create a clone. But for that, I need a clone's blood to do so. It's time to create my clone. So if I do die someday, and never come back. This clone will take over for me. I'm afraid, Jack. For this to happen I must drain all of your blood... I'm very sorry. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! But thanks for volunteering.
Ahhhh and I've met this interesting girl. Apparently ,she's dating the clone. I noticed that she matters a lot to him, AHAHAHHAAHAH, he killed me to get her back. Ahhh, now the fun begins. The Clone will suffer. Let's start by kidnapping Francesca. We'll go on from there. HAHAHAHAHAHHA.

Resources, resources, people, people. Sliver does know some important people that I want in my team. One of them: Ecco. Ahhh yes. I love her attitude. Let's make a little deal. If Ecco joins my team Silver lives if she doesn't then... I've got other plans for Silver. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. But that's not all. I know this girl can lie, it's her secret talent, and I've heard she's good. I might use her to help me with these plans, and if she refuses, someone dies. Speak wisely.

Ahhh this girl has some guts. To save her pathetic little friend she shot me in the face (you all have horrible aim). Let's have a little bit of fun. Lucy and Ashley care for her, I've noticed. What would they do if I had a little fun? She'll be bait. Lucy and Ashley will agree to come with me and I'll let their little friend live. If they refuse she becomes one of my victims. Maybe I could hypnotize her. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Ahhh then she would do exactly what I want her to. This could work nicely.

This is the one who took my second queen from me. Ashley. Ahhh, now he'll pay. Took my property away from me? I'd call it stealing. Ahhh and there are always consequences for such crimes. Let's start off with taking Ashley away from him, then his sister, then we'll finish him off, slowly. HAHAHAHAHAH. Bur first I'd like to have a little chat with him, learn his strengths and weaknesses. Then we'll find something perfect for him. Finish him off. Ahhh that'll be very satisfying.

Ahhh I'm not killing this one. He's part of my team, so he's helping me with my plan. I'll instruct him and tell him exactly what he has to do. Kill him? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I'll just bring him back, I always find a way. Then I'll come after you and kill you. Fun. So think wisely before you think about attacking him, think wisely and play nice. That's how you survive my little games.

Kill him. Very simple. There cannot be two Jokers, only one. And that will be me. HAHAHAHAHAHA. The city needs a guy who can make jokes and make good plans. Plus, he did kill me once. Let's return the favor, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Didn't even give me a funeral. Ahhh how disrespectful. Let's have a little chat about that. Oh, and losing isn't an option. I want Gotham to myself, and I don't share. Kill me, and I'll come back until you're dead for good. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Say your goodbyes, imposter.

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