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I woke up to my alarm as usual, but this time, I didn't groan when the noise blared through my eardrums. It was finally spring break!

I jumped up with excitement and turned on my light. I quickly got dressed with the clothes I had picked out the night before. I made sure everything was all packed up and ran out of my room.

"RISE AND SHINE GIRLS!" I screamed, running up and down the hallways, banging on the doors and making as much noise as I possibly could.

As I was running towards the stairs, someone grabbed the back of my shirt and pulled me back.

"Stop. Screaming," Jackson said, letting me go with a small push.

I turned back around at him and smirked, proceeding down the stairs like the queen I was.

By this time, I had woken everyone up and we were about to leave. We finally loaded up the car and started our drive to the airport.

Apparently I fell asleep, because I was rudely awoken to Ben pinching my cheeks and telling me to get out. I rolled my eyes in annoyance and got my suitcase out of the car. We dropped our stuff off at baggage claim and went to security.

Security ended up taking so long that we had to sprint to the gate. We barely made our flight and got dirty looks from the whole plane. Oh well. We made it.

Of course being the smallest, I got stuck with a middle seat. I was squished in between Ben and Dylan because apparently Ryan wanted to talk to Jackson "alone."

Whatever. I think it was just an excuse to not sit next to the two bullies.

As we were waiting for the plane to take off, I was texting Nathan. I wanted to talk to him as much as I could before we lost connection. After all, it was about a 13 hour flight.

As I was texting him, I felt Dylan AND Ben looking over my shoulder. They were literally reading my messages.

I locked my phone real quick and put it down. I blushed a little bit and tried to ignore their snickers.

"You guys are mean," I huffed. I didn't want to be stuck between them for so many hours.

"It's our job, babykins," Dylan said. He was so proud of himself.

"You're both just jealous of our relationship," I said, smirking and holding my head high.

They both laughed so loud that some people looked over at us in annoyance.

"You realize Leah and I have been dating for a long ass time right? Also that she is the hottest and most popular girl in the senior class? And that I'm the hottest and most popular guy in the senior class? We're the power couple of the school," Ben bragged, smirking back at me.

He was so stuck up. I was a tiny bit jealous of how popular my brothers were, but still, he didn't have to be an asshole about it.

"We all know I can get any girl I want, so I'm not jealous of your prepubescent love," Dylan chimed in, chuckling at me. They were so full of themselves.

"Get over yourselves," I groaned, rolling my eyes.

"Just reminding you of your inferiority," Dylan said. Ben first bumped him.

I decided I was done trying to argue with them and put my headphones in. Both of them kept pulling them out of my ears and tossing them between each other.

The plane finally took off and we were on our way.

Yay. 13 more hours of this torture.


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