Part 12 : Training continues

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After having a small break from almost being splatted by a malfunctioning weapon. Cray got back up to his feet and rubbed the Ink that the weapon made off his butt...

"*sigh* I'm never gonna be good at this in 3 days" Cray said to himself in sadness.

"You're actually doing good" said Kate supportively "most people would of splatted themselves on the first try".

"So are there any more weapons?" Asked Cray as he threw the splatling to one side.

"There's 4 more to cover however 2 of them are a bucket and an umbrella so we don't need to use them" said Fin.

"Here is one of the last weapons. This is a melee weapon known as a splat roller" said Octillina as she picked up what seemed to be a giant paint roller and gave it to Cray.

"Woah, it's huge! Turf wars is definitely a huge game of paintball" said Cray as he lifted the gigantic paint roller in the air.

"These are mostly used to create paths of Ink by rolling it on the ground to cover turf quickly but they are very good at melee by flinging it instead of rolling" said Kate.

"Can I try it?" Asked Cray.

"Knock yourself out" said Kate.

Cray then put the splat roller on the floor and ran around the practice arena making aeroplane sounds whilst making a Inky trail behind him.

"Cool, this is a weapon I can get use to" said Cray as he stopped using the splat roller.

"There's also another melee weapon" said Fin.

"And that is?..." asked Cray.

"The splat brush. You can fling Ink around at a fast pace" said Octillina.

Octillina tossed at Cray what seemed to be a giant paintbrush to go well with the giant paint roller.

"Geez this is like a sword" said Cray as he waved the giant paint brush around with his hand and making some show off poses with it.

"Yeah um... basically like a sword" said Kate "all you need to do is go up to a target and Ink it silly".

"En garde! Squid like target!" Shouted Cray as he ran at the target at full pelt whilst flinging his splat brush in front of him.

Little did Keen old Cray realise that some of the Ink trail he made with the splat roller was in front of him and slipped through it like ice into the target and bounced back to where he first charged.

"Dang it! The Ink made me slip!" Said Cray as he placed the splat brush on the floor to help him stand up straight from the Ink below his feet.

"You'll get used to it" said Kate optimistically.

"So that's all the good weapons" said Fin.

"So is that all it for turf wars?" Asked Cray curiously.

"Definitely not, there's a lot more to turf wars than just shooting" said Kate.

"Like what?" Asked Cray.

"Sub weapons and power ups of course" said Octillina in excitement.

"What are sub weapons and power ups?" Asked Cray.

"Let me show you" said Kate rather happily.


A couple of minutes later...

"Sub weapons are mainly used as an extra resort or to cover extra turf in last minute situations" said Kate.

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