You Will Shine Like A Star

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Luna's purple eyes had replaced her green ones, her irises slightly glowing as she stared at me with longing. Wisteria ribbons cascaded down her slender body, fading into nothing as they reached the ground. "I've missed you."
I blindly ran to her, already sobbing as I took my first strides. How I've missed her...

I crashed into her and swung my arms around her but nothing came of it, staring down at my hands as purple light slid off my palms. "I thought that might happen." She mumbled, smirking as she giggled at me. Half of her body had come apart from my attempt to hug her, the light pulling back to meet with the rest of her. "Things can't touch me but I can touch things. If that makes sense."
"What are you doing here?!"
"Woah, woah. This is where everyone goes eventually. It's just that I know my way to this place. But you do know Aurora..."
She took her hand and held my face, wiping the tears with her thumbs. "I won't be here tomorrow. I'll be there." She looked up to the sky. "I'll be closer to the Gods. A place of peace."
"Y-you can't though!"
"Don't be silly, Aurora! As long as I've been good, I'll go."
"It's just... everything's been so hard for me lately. I don't know who I am..."

"Well... you have an opportunity later within the day..."
"What do you mean?"
"If anyone would know who you really are, it would be the Spirit God. He knows spirits like the back of his hand."
"Thanks, Luna."
"It's fine. I don't know what you're doing it for but I can help you. Just as long as you don't plan homicide, I'll help you."
I smile and look down at the ground. My lies had spiralled out of control. I didn't what was real and what was fake.
"What do I tell her? I can't say anything about... the Nest or... Orpheus... The weird thing I have with the black light... My sudden overdrives... How many problems do I need to solve on my own?"

"It's just that... I miss you."

"Filthy liar." Said a voice from the back of my brain. "Shut up."

"Oh Aurora. I'll always be by your side. There." Again, she pointed to the sky, the bamboo shoots above us slightly shaking in the wind. "But—"

"Don't fucking speak."

"You're really special, Aurora. One of the most powerful people I have ever met. Don't you ever forget that."
"I... don't know who I really am though." I looked at her with tears in my eyes as she took my hand. Her purple light warmed my hand, calming me down from my surge of emotions. "Why though?"

I knew I couldn't say why I thought that, knowing that Luna would react to me being a hybrid.

Suddenly, my hand burned with the power of a thousand suns. A wave of pain raced through my hand. My eyes widened.

I released her in a panic and stared down at my hands as a headache climbed to my skull, pulsating enough to make my vision shake. I could see my veins on my wrist change to black, the ones in my palms slowly turning as well. "What is that?! I swear I was dreaming last time... my shadows and any type of light makes them combine for a moment..."

"My lord."
I turned around to see my father standing behind me, eyes glossy as his dark robes looked over me. She was looking at my father the whole time. "Thank the Gods."
"I assume it's your final day, Luna?"
"Yes, Your Majesty."
"I wish you luck. You'll become one with the Gods now."
"Thank you, Your Majesty."
She dipped low, hand on her heart. Being traditional, she always followed my father's commands. She would sacrifice herself to him if she could. "What would she think of me if I told her everything?"


The sound of a bell rung throughout the land, resonating within the forest around us. Blurs of light raised in the air, going towards the temple within the horizon. "Well then, we must be going. We'll keep an eye out for you, Luna."
"Thank you. I'm glad I could serve you, Your Majesty." She looked at me and smiled warmly, teeth almost glowing a brilliant white. "I'll see you then, Aurora." With that, she floated off the ground and flew deep within the maze of bamboo, her purple light slowly fading away as she disappeared.

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