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  IT HAD BEEN ANOTHER TWO WEEKS since Crystal received a letter from Bucky

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  IT HAD BEEN ANOTHER TWO WEEKS since Crystal received a letter from Bucky. An obvious worry ran through the brunette. Many questions were passing through her mind, and all of them about Bucky.

She couldn't wrap her head around the thought of loosing him, so she walked downstairs and took her coat and key, and walked out from the house.

  The weather had started to get warmer and flowers and trees were starting to bloom, strong scent of earth and the one of new growth of plants was going around in the air. Children's laugh echoed in the air, and Crystal smiled lightly to herself at the scene going in front of her.

  She walked around through the streets in Brooklyn, going nowhere. She was just wandering around trying to get her mind off Bucky, it was something she'd usually do.

   "Going nowhere too, huh?" A female voice spoke from behind, making Crystal turn around. She turned around to face a young woman, around her age, she had ocean blue eyes, one that reminded Crystal very much of Bucky's ones and her hair was black.

  "You're Crystal, aren't you?" The raven haired girl asked and Crystal furrowed her brows as she got confused at how the woman in front of her may know her.

  "How do you know who I am?" Crystal questioned.

"My brother did say you're pretty." The woman said and Crystal finally connected the dots together. She was just disappointed she didn't realize it sooner.

  "You're Bucky's sister." Crystal muttered and the girl in front of her nodded.

  "Yeah, I'm Rose." The blue eyed girl said and she offered her hand for Crystal to shake but instead of taking it, Crystal pulled Rose into a hug.

   "How come I never met you? And how do you know what I look like?" Crystal spoke up and Rose shrugged her shoulders.

"Maybe there was never enough time." Rose smiled sweetly at the brunette. "As for your other question my brother keeps a picture of you with him."

Crystal's cheeks flushed into a rosy pink color and Rose smirked.

The two then started to walk around the streets in Brooklyn, chatting and getting to know each other. Their laughter filled the streets and they seemed like two best friends who had known each other for years.

Crystal sighed. "You're honestly amazing. I wish I could've met you sooner."

"Me too." Rose replied sweetly. Something caught raven haired girl's sight causing her to furrow her brows.

"Is that—" She pointed at a poster behind her and Crystal's eyes went wide.

"Steve?" Crystal questioned wide eyed looking at the poster behind that had a man in a red, white and blue suit and he was named 'Captain America' but he looked strangely familiar, she knew it had to be Steve.

The two girls shared a look as they both sighed.


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