20 Things about Me Challenge

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So this lovely lady @amalieaunstrup nominated me for this challenge (which I had no idea was a thing) but hey ho, I would never let her down, so here are 20 utterly useless and irrelevant things about me you will never ever need to know but may want to because well...you want to, I don't know why you're reading this! :P

1) I cannot stand beer. It's disgusting and sickly and way too bitter for a sweet tooth like me. Although...saying that after a few cocktails I will pretty much chug down any alcoholic beverage. 

2) Okay so that last one made me sound like an alcoholic...I'm not, just a student ;) Nah, actually 2nd fact about me is that until 2 years ago I was overweight and now 2 years later I'm 18kg lighter but also a bit of a health freak. But I don't really mind, since I am happier about my way more toned body :) 

3) My disney princess when I was younger was Jasmine...mainly because she had a pet tiger. But looking back, she kind of does nothing and it pisses me off how her dad tried to get her to marry-like she wasn't capable of running a kingdom by herself! Although...considering she did just sit around, maybe that is true...

4) My favourite Doctor (from Doctor Who) is the 11th Doctor- Matt Smith. Despite his unfortunately large forehead, he's so cute and I loved his Doctor outfit as well as his bubbly, loud personality. But I mainly loved him as the Doctor because of River Song...oh and because he's not Scottish-wait can I say that?! Lol, well since too bad Scotland you're still stuck with us, I guess so! (I am just kidding-any Scots out there please do not be offended, I have a very delicate English body). 

5) The best book I have ever read to this day has been 1984 by George Orwell, which wins out just over Enders Game. I absolutely loved the creepiness of 1984 and the idea of Big Brother is arguably the most frightening thing ever! Speaking of classic books though, I have to mention Lolita and before you all start raising your pitchforks, let me make clear that I thought the writing was pure brilliance but the subject matter? Let's just say even after the showers I've taken since reading it, it still makes me feel...sticky and gross. [Oh and Room is a great book-I definitely recommend it to anyone 15+]

6) I'm afraid of falling but as long as I'm wearing a harness, it's not so bad. I realised this when I went absailing, (which is when you toss yourself off a building, in my case it was an old bridge used previously for mining, but you do wear a harness) and I loved it so much! 

7) I ABHORE running/jogging. Don't get me wrong, I love working out but running is the stupidest thing in the world. Unless I am late for a bus or I'm on Prometheus where a massive spaceship is about to crush me, I will not run. This and the fact that I simply can't continue jogging for more than half a mile (at the most) means that running/jogging is the worst torture anyone can inflict on me. 

8) What? How am I only at 8?! Okay, I'll keep it short. Superwoman is my favourite Youtuber. 

9) I went to a fancy dress 90s party for my friend's 18th with my best friend dressed as 2 of the girls from The Craft and only 1 person there knew our characters-even my best friend hadn't seen the movie. On that note, I do love 90s movies. I had a phase where I was obsessed with 90s chick-flicks when I was 15 but honestly, Cruel Intentions kinda freaked me out...so did Heathers...so did-wait a sec, I'm sensing a pattern here....

10) I went to China once on an exchange trip-it was cool. 

11) Though I live in Europe (England) I've hardly been to any Europian countries and one of my future wishes is to visit some of these countries. The romantic in me also wants to visit Venice one day with a significant other...

12) My favourite superhero is Batman. I do watch Arrow and I do love the Green Arrow but seriously Batman. Freakin' Batman dude. I will not get into a debate about anyone about Batman vs. Superman because anyone who picks Superman over Batman is cearly delusional and has no knowledge about the kick-ass villians of Batman ie. The Joker. Also, a man who has that much sorrow in his life and still be able to channel his anger into something so productive and good-is a goddamn superhero. (And yes, I know he's fictional). 

13) I match my jewellery to my outfits-like all the time. It drives my friends crazy but I just love to dress up and be coordinated. So yes, I am a 'girly-girl' in that sense. 

14) I don't like boiled potatoes. It's weird because I love chips and crisps but I just can't stand mash or boiled potatoes even if it is seasoned well.

15) My biggest fear in life is not being able to have my own naturally fertilised children. I just can't even imagine having to go through IVF or not even being able to have children of my own.

 16) You know you're best friends with me when we can openly discuss the best ways to murder someone we hate and then quite as easily switch the topic to something like favourite colours of nail polish. (By the way, I believe it is acid bath). 

17) I wish I was musically and linguistically talented but I'm not and if I had to choose between being good able to play any musical instrument flawlessly or being able to speak any language fluently-I would choose music, because music is the one universal language (as well as math) that anyone can enjoy-even those that can't hear. 

18) If I had to pick a character from my works that represents me best-I would pick Sam Torres. She's stubborn (like me) and fiesty and likes to banter. I'm also one of those people like her, that's uncomfortable around other people until I get much better aquainted. And until then I come off (so I've been told) as quiet and sweet. Then people get to know me and it changes to loud, opinionated and funny. 

19) I don't know about you! But I'm 22!...No wait, that's a lie. I'm still 18. Meh, at least I'm in the UK where shit become legal at 18. 

20) So my last fact, steming from above. I love Taylor Swift. Like I love her music. I know+have all her albums thus released so far, and I am freaking out about 1989. Which will no doubt be epic. 

So that's it...God, the fact it took me absolutely ages to come up with just puts my life in perspective...meh, whatever, I like watching movies/tv shows on my laptop and eating popcorn. So, screw all you people who have awesome adventerous lives...I've been making out with Captain America...in my mind, whilst watching him swish about that boomerang shield. 

Anyway, that got way off track but to all those who've managed to painfully get to the end of this-I'd love to hear your 20 things! Be sure to link me in your comments section so that I can check it out if you do one! 
But in particular (like Amalie did) I think it would be totally awesome if these particular people could do it too: @KanyeInterruptedMe, @Blondeanddangerous and @shellsh0cked

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