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Rebecca walked into their home for the first time in almost 2 weeks. They were supposed to be home last week but work required Colby to stay and do a few more shows since he was now having to attempt to fill Rebecca's time as well.

They walked in and it was quiet, which was unusual for an afternoon. They knew Holly was there with Olivia because her car was in the driveway. As they sat there bags down on the floor in the living room they heard the thundering steps coming down the stairs and had enough time to brace themselves before Olivia jumped into their arms

"Mama!" she said as Rebecca picked her up

"Come here.." Colby tried to grab her from Rebecca

"No!" Olivia shook her head and held tightly to Rebecca

"She's fine" Rebecca said to him

"You don't need to be holding her right now" he said

"I'm fine" she said

"What's wrong Mama?" Olivia asked "We watched and you didn't come out.." she explained

"Nothing! Nothing is wrong.." Rebecca said kissing the little girl's head before placing her on the ground "What do you think?" she looked to Colby "Should we let her in on it?" she asked as she walked over to the couch

"I don't know.." Colby teased "I don't think she can keep a secret.." he said

"Yes I can!" Olivia exclaimed as she sat next to Rebecca

"This secret is pretty important.." Rebecca said

"I can do it! I won't tell anybody!" the little girl begged and Rebecca looked at Colby who


"Okay but you have to pinky promise.." Rebecca said "Absolutely nobody until we tell you it's okay" she said and Olivia nodded as she interlocked their fingers

"Tell me" she said excitedly

"Well.. You know how a few weeks ago, you asked me if you would ever get a little brother or sister?"

"You did?" Colby asked

"We were playing 20 questions" Olivia explained

"Well.. I have the answer to your question" Rebecca said and Olivia perked up as she turned her attention from her father back to her "You will.. You will have a little brother or sister.. sooner than you think" she said and Olivia's face was priceless as she registered that information

"Mama has a baby right in here.." Colby said pointing to Rebecca's stomach

"Right now?" Olivia asked

"Right now" Rebecca nodded

"YAY!" Olivia jumped up from the couch and began to jump up and down

"Yeah get all of that screaming out now because if you scream like that when the baby is here and you wake her up.." Colby shook his head and Rebecca laughed at him

"Can I talk to her?" Olivia asked

"Sure.." Rebecca said laying back on the couch as she placed her head in Colby's lap

"Hi baby.." Olivia said next to Rebecca's stomach "It's me Olivia, I'm your big sister and i'm gonna show you how things work around here when you get out so you better learn to listen to me" she said and Rebecca had to fight to keep her laughter in and Colby did the same "Can she hear me?" she asked

"Not quite yet..she's still too little but I'm sure if you keep talking to her every week she will start hearing you" Rebecca explained

"Then when she comes out.. she'll be able to recognize you.." Colby said "She's gonna know that's Olivia! I've been hearing her running around and screaming for the last few months!" he said as he grabbed her and began to tickle her

"No!" Olivia laughed "Daddy!" she yelled

"My point exactly" he said "She's gonna start hearing that soon"

"Do we know that it's a girl?" she asked

"Not yet" Rebecca said as she sat up from Colby's lap and laid back against the cushions "We should find out in a few months" she said

"Then why are we saying she and her?" Olivia asked

"That is all your daddy's doing.. he's been saying she for a week now" she said

"How would you like it if we just called you it.. hey it come here, hey it say bye, hey it do this, hey it don't do that" he said

"I get it!" Olivia said annoyed "You are annoying sometimes.." she said to him

"Agreed" Rebecca said as she closed her eyes

"You alright?" Colby asked and she nodded remaining quiet

"Shh!" Olivia shushed her father "You're going to make it worse" she said

"What are you talking about?" Colby asked her

"The baby has a headache and Mama has to deal with it so her head hurts too" Olivia explained and Colby nodded

"What should we do?" he asked her

"You should be quiet!" she whispered

"What about you?" he asked

"I'm whispering! You're yelling, be quiet!" she said as she climbed up next to Rebecca on the couch and placed a little hand on her stomach and rubbed it gently

"What are you doing now?" Colby asked and Olivia glared at him

"When I have a headache it helps if somebody rubs my head and then it goes away" she said

"I don't think that's going to help Mama.."

"Colby" Rebecca said

"Hmm?" he looked at her


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