More then once

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Caitlin woke up feeling like shit, she realized that she was naked, not only that but that she felt something at the pit of her stomach, she moved slightly and found that she was underneath a naked Barry, she tried to get up but she saw that what was at the pit of her stomach was his penis still inside of her.

At that point, Caitlin could either wake him up, make him pull out while still asleep or act like she was asleep. 

Acting like she was asleep wouldn't work because she was on top of him and waking him up would leave them in an awkward situation but making him pull out while he was asleep would wake him up.

She decided to wake him up, 

"Barry, Barry I need you to wake up." Caitlin said slightly shaking him

"Cait," he said rubbing his eyes

"Barry this I' awkward but can you pull out" she said slightly 

"What what are you talking... Oh I'm sorry" He said

Slowly he pulled out causing them both to moan. 

Caitlin rolled over and covered herself with a blanket.

Caitlin rolled over and covered herself with a blanket

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Barry looked down to see he, in fact, did have a boner,

"Look, Barry, we both don't have romantic feelings for one another, It was completely mutual and platonic."

"Yeah you're right but I had fun I mean in a mutual way." they sat there in silence 



"Is this wanna be awkward, I mean we did...It but then there is Iris, and I feel guilty."

Barry almost chuckled at her cuteness "look, Caitlin you don't need to feel guilty, it's not like we actually love each other and what she doesn't know won't hurt her."

"Yeah yeah your right"

"Cait, why doesn't this become a thing."

"What? I'm confused"

"I mean we can have platonic sex, no feelings"

"So become each other's, sex slaves."

"No more like friends with benefits."

Caitlin at first wanted to say No but thinking about it Barry was her first in 2 years, and she needed to at one point, release the tension.

"You know what that's a good idea, But no feeling."

"No feelings, How about we try it out." Barry said leaning in

He slammed his cock inside her with an insatiable hunger. He growled with pleasure, never wanting to stop. He buried his face in her flesh, kissing and nipping at her neck and shoulders. She tangled her fingers in his hair as she grinded her hips to match his rhythm, and screamed "Fuck me Barry! Yes!" he felt her shudder and explode as she came on his cock.  "I didn't realize what a dirty girl you were Dr. Snow." He said with a mischievous grin Caitlin bite his lower lip, "You have no idea Mr. Allen."

 He used his speed force to vibrate his cock inside her. She couldn't contain herself as his vibration shook her to her core. He could feel her tightening on his cock again as another orgasm built inside her. Before she could come again he put her down on her feet, bent her over and entered from behind. "Oohh God! Barry, yyyeeesss!" she screamed as she braced herself against the wall.

 Her body lost all control as he pounded his cock inside her harder and harder. "Yes! Yes! Oh God I'm coming!" she screamed. He felt her squeeze and contract on his cock and he couldn't contain himself any longer, "Oh God Cait...". Electricity surged through his body and he released inside her. Their bodies trembled together as the ecstasy ran its course.

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