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  CRYSTAL SPEND HER TIME mostly in her room

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CRYSTAL SPEND HER TIME mostly in her room. It had been a week since James Barnes had left for England, and the girl would sit most of the days not coming out.

Her hair was pulled back into a small low bun and her outfit consisted of black heels, white buttoned up shirt and a knee length skirt. Her lips wore her usual red lipstick and her eyes were simply had no makeup on them, but they still looked gorgeous.

Boredom was like a disease and it was spreading fast through Crystal. Small sigh escaped her lips as she got up from the bed that she was sitting on, and started to walk over to a small desk where there were a couple of white paper sheets and a fountain pen were sitting on.

She pulled the chair so that she would be able to sit, she grabbed one of the papers and the pen. She hesitated a little before starting to write.

Dear, Bucky

I know it had been only a week since you had left for England, but my heart can only take this much before reaching out to you. I miss you.

How is war going? Have you kicked some Nazi asses? I do hope you're all right though and that I will get to see you soon.

Things here have been boring recently, as you may have heard Steve is going to war. I know! Crazy isn't it? But I had always believed in him.

Before saying anything else I'd like to give my apologies to you for leaving without saying goodbye, believe me it had hurt me to do such thing but I had to. I hope you understand that.

I miss you a lot, Bucky. I wholeheartedly hope to hear from you soon...


Week had passed and still no response from Bucky, Crystal was nervously fidgeting with her fingers as she waited for the mail to arrive today. Her foot tapped anxiously against the floor, soon as a small knock was heard on the door, Crystal jumped from her spot and a smile graced her pretty face.

She opened the door to see the mailman in front, he was holding a bunch of letters that were tied with a small string and Crystal quickly took it from his hands and said a small 'thank you' before closing the door.

She ran up to her kitchen table and started to look at the letters.

"What has got you in such a good mood?" Her mother questioned from behind her.

"I'm expecting a letter." Crystal muttered but just loud enough for her mother to hear.

"From your lover?" Her mom Helen asked causing the emerald green eyed girl to stop looking through the letters, and at her mom with a small glare.

  "It's from Bucky." Crystal replied.

  "Oh, so it is from your lover then." Helen smirked slightly.

  Crystal rolled her eyes. "Mother! Him and I are just friends, have you gone bullocks?"

Helen broke into a sweet smile. "Oh my, sweet, sweet girl." She spoke as she caressed her daughter's cheek. "Haven't you noticed that whenever you see him there's this spark in both of your eyes. You run out breath and feel like you're chocking whenever he is near you, you start to sweat and feel nervous. You cheeks flush into a rosy color and you suddenly forget all your worries in the Earth."

  "I'm no fool, Crystal, but you might just be one. You're too in love with him to even notice, that the person you love is just as equally in love with you too. Now, find that letter." And with that Helen left the room letting her daughter process the new information on her own.

   Was Crystal in love with Bucky? And was he in love with her?

AUTHOR'S NOTE.  ahhhh omg favorite chapter so far. RAISE YOUR HAND IF YOU STAN HELEN! * raises both hands *

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