Part 11 : Turf war Training

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"So umm..." said Cray "What is turf wars?".

"Turf wars is a huge part of Inkling and Octoling culture..." Kate answered "there are two teams of four and the main point of the game is to shoot Ink and cover as much ground as possible and the team that has covered the most turf wins".

"What do you mean Inkling and Octoling cultures?" Cray replied confused "I didn't even know you guys had any".

"Long ago before water levels started to rise. Octolings and Inklings were pretty much companions" said Kate "but sadly, it didn't end well...".

"Did they split up?" Cray asked

"Well due to the water levels rising..." said Octillina rather shyly "the Inklings and Octolings were forced to fight for land which resulted in the great turf wars"

"The Inklings lost the first couple of battles" said Fin "but they won the second".

"And the Octolings..." said Kate in a depressing tone "...were forced under ground in the dark for the whole of their lives".

Octillina's head drooped down a bit. She was very upset, almost on the verge of tears...

"That's terrible!!" Shouted Cray "couldn't you have done 50/50?"

"That's how it was unfortunately" said Kate in a sad mood "that's how wars worked then. Trying to get as much turf as you can...".

"So that's what this turf war is?" Cray asked...

The rest sadly nodded...

"But forcing them underground with no light?!" said Cray "that's really harsh, isn't it? Sure rubbing it in but that's too far! My kind never did that...".

Octillina's head rose back up as her expression was less depressed to hear that some one actually shows sympathy for an Octoling like her.

"You think it's harsh?" Asked Octillina shyly.

"Of course!" Said Cray "couldn't have there been an easier way?".

"Sadly no..." said Fin.

"Oh, That's a bummer" said Cray with a slight frown on his face.

"So then, I guess we should teach Cray how to do turf wars" said Kate.

"Yeah sure" said Fin.

"Do we go in that building?" Asked Cray as he pointed to the arena building with the yellow tower.

"Well we need to practice so we go to the practice ones... which are this way" said Kate as she pointed in the opposite direction to where Cray was pointing.

Kate and co. Then got up from their chairs and headed down to the practice arenas. It was a short walk but it took them 10 or so minutes to get there.


After a while, the group managed to reach the practice arenas with no problems fortunately.

As they did they chose one of the practice arenas that they haven't seen before, specifically one that was a lot circular and looked more like a miniature baseball stadium with blocks and slopes in the middle for terrain.

"This is it guys... welcome to shell stadium" said Kate.

"It's so... big" Cray said in amazement "do you guys really need all of this for training?".

"Yes actually" said Fin "things get a lot messy in turf wars... literally".

"So how does this 'turf wars' work?" Asked Cray.

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