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"We all caught feelings for someone we wish we haven't."

T O M M Y   S H E L B Y


P.O.V Harry Edward Styles

"Alright, lads. That's enough!" Once my voice was heard, the shootings stopped and my gang members looked at me, expecting for new orders, "They are more than dead, anyway."

I watched as the men started taking the dead bodies away from the abandoned field. It has been a fucking long afternoon, I hate to deal with amateurs and aspiring new gangs. They always think they're good enough to defeat me, but they end up loosing, without exception.

The gang that planned to attack my gang was Italian, those are the worst of them all. I admit that there are great gangs in Italy, but they don't risk going against my gang, just like I won't risk going against the Italian Mafia. I'm not fucking crazy.

But the gang that tried to attack mine's today was pitiful. They're all dead at the moment and the hidden members will die as well soon. Such a shame.

I walked towards the black car where my driver was ready to take me to the Upper East Side again and lightened a cigarette. While I was smoking and walking, I received a call, interrupting my time of peace. I hate to be bothered when I'm solving dirty business.

I looked at the screen phone and read Rose Elizabeth's number on it. Shit, she rarely calls me. Something must be off. After I promised her I would be gentler and would try to understand her better, she asked me if she should go to that dancing studio to train. I allowed but I demanded that she would be home by seven o'clock because I needed her to finish those fucking invitations.

"Yes?" I asked, gesturing the driver to wait. I need to take a piss.

I unzipped my pants and started pissing in the dry grass, this field really is an abandoned piece of shit, so there's nothing wrong with pissing here, "Hi, Harry. You have no idea what just happened!" I hold the phone with my shoulder so it wouldn't fall and waited for her to continue, "You remember Patty, right?"

"Who the fuck is Patty?" I asked and I heard her sigh frustrated. Patty? The only Patty I remember was the sister of an old friend of mine who I fucked. Crazy bitch that one. But certainly it's not the same Patty Rose Elizabeth is talking about.

"What do you mean? She used to come to Long Island play with me when I was a kid." I finished my business and got dressed properly again in my black pants, fixing the belt.

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