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Jordan's point of view

"Hey, are you ready to go?"Emily asks when I walk towards her, Olivia and Alisa.

I nod "yeah let's go". We start walking towards the cinema.

I look at Olivia. She's wearing a white shirt and short, black shorts. Which shows her beautiful tanned legs. She's also wearing make-up, which i've never seen her wearing before.

I trip over my untied shoelace and collide into Olivia. I caught her before she falls onto the ground.

"Sorry"I mumble and scratch the back of my neck.

"It's okay"she smiles. "But maybe if you would stop staring at me and would look at where you're going, this wouldn't happen".

I blush and look at the other side.

"S-sorry. It's just.... you look beautiful, today"I stutter and I think by now my face is as red as a tomato.

"Thank you"Olivia smiles and blushes. I smile and keep staring at her until I hear Emily speak.

"Okay love struck puppies, can we go inside now"


I sit on one of the chairs, with Emily on my right side and Olivia on my left side.

We're watching a horror movie, 'halloween' I think it's called.

The girls are screaming every time something pops up on the screen, but I don't think it's scary. More funny actually.

I look to my left side and see Olivia curled up in her chair. She's hugging her torso, like she's trying to protect herself. I smile at how cute she looks right now.

I decide to make a brave move and take her right hand into my left one.

She looks up at me and smiles. She intertwine our fingers and rest our hands on the armrest.

I look back at the screen and smile at myself. Happy that I can hold her hand without er questioning it.

Every time something scary pops up on the screen, she squeezes my hand.

After a while, she lets go of my hand. I look at her, asking without words why she let go. But she lays her hand on the back of my neck and start scratching it.

I sigh and feel myself relax. I lean deeper in the chair and close my eyes.

I hear Olivia giggle. "You're missing the best part of the movie" she says.

I open my eyes and smile at her whereupon I look back at the screen.


Olivia's point of view

"What do you think about the movie?"Alisa asks.

I shrug. I don't really like horror movies. I can never sleep after them.

"It was alright"I mumble. Not wanting them to see me as a pussy.

"To be honest. I was so scared"Alisa admitted. "I think the only one who actually liked the move was Jordan. I heard her laughing silently every time something scary would pop up".

"Yeah. She would always make comments during the movie"I roll my eyes at the thought of the dorky girl.

"Yeah she looked like she was in a good mood, today. Which surprises me with you know. After what happened with Leah yesterday"Alisa says as she sits on my bed.

"But that's good right"I say and take of my shoes.

"It's probably because of you"she smirks.

"What do you mean?" I ask.

"Well. I saw you two getting touchy during the movie"Alisa smirks.

"We were just holding hands"I say and roll my eyes at her.

"Yeah yeah. Not only that. But the way she looks at you. And how she couldn't keep her eyes off of you. She even almost tripped and knocked you onto the floor"Alisa laughs.

I laugh a little and blush. It's kinda true. Jordan couldn't keep her eyes off of me. She was staring the whole way to the cinema and during the movie. Every time I looked at her, she would look away and blush. It was cute.

"And you and Emily then?"I smirk.

Alisa blushes and looks away.

"There is nothing going on between me and Emily"she answers stubbornly.

I raise an eyebrow. "Okay Fine. I might like her. But I don't know. I met this boy the other day and I think I like him too"Alisa says and let her fall onto the bed dramatically.

"Boy? Which boy?"I ask and lay down next to her.

"His name is jack. Jack Simpson".


Guys what does it mean when you get a warm feeling inside your stomach when you look at someone or just think of them.

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