Chapter 6: Accepted

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It was a cold Friday morning, The Five Guys were walking to school just like every other day, except for their talking topic. Instead of being light hearted and humorous, their main focus on that day's conversation was on Benji; what had he done?
"I'm not trying to come across as rude." Ari began, easing into the topic as nicely as possible. "But... you really shouldn't have done that."
"I know!" Benji exclaimed, frustrated at himself. "I don't know what got into me, I totally just blurted out the most important thing he's ever told me."
"And now he's gonna kick our asses!" Mikolas shrieked.
"O-o-oh god..." Nikita stammered.
"Please just try to calm down. Look maybe you could talk it out with him- figure something out between the both of you and lift the weight off of our shoulders."

Benji looked up, wide-eyed.
"Me? Talk it out with ROBIN of all people? He's the most stubborn guy I've ever met, if he has an opinion, that opinion isn't going to change. I can't talk to him- I just can't."
"Look maybe...someone else could talk to him." Ari suggested. "Someone who wouldn't care about risking that." All eyes turned to Kostya.
"Oh c'mon! Just because I'm the only one who has the guts!" There was a long disagreement between the group before a majestic voiced echoed through the muttered arguments.
"I'll do it, okay?!" Everyone looked up. Mikolas stood there confidently amongst the boys. "If it really means that much, I'll do it."

So that was their plan. Miki would find Robin- as long as he was alone- and try his best at using his self proclaimed 'irresistible charisma' to make sure Robin want going to practically ruin his and his friend's lives. Inside his head it seemed easy enough but when confronting him in person, his mind seemed to go completely blank. He stood by himself at his locker before 4th period, his phone in his hand and a lonely frown on his face. He took a deep breath before walking up to the locker.
"Robin." He called abruptly, alerting the disgruntled sophomore. When he spotted who was talking to him he groaned- annoyed and angry.

"What the fuck do you want, fag?"
"I want to talk." He said, he built up the courage to take Robin by the arm and lead him into the janitor's closet- a place you can imagine he was already familiar with.
"What the he'll are you doing, Josef?!"
"Just sit down!" He shut the door quietly, despite his rushing adrenalin making him want to slam it. Sophisticately, he spun around to face Robin. "Look. I know that what Benji did was wrong. You should be able to keep whatever you want personal."
"Just shut up will you?!" Robin yelled, his voice cracking slightly. "I-I'm not gay! What I told him was an absolute delusion. Now, thanks to him, everyone thinks I'm some kind of queer. You can't help me."

"Now first of all," Mikolas persisted- raising his voice at him, " you need to stop being a homophobic asshole. It's not a good look. Second of all, I know how you feel!" Robin raised an eyebrow, still in disbelief that he was letting a freshman talk down on him. "I thought I was imagining it too. Falling in love with Ari, I didn't believe I could like guys. The difference with you and me is that you think it's going to ruin your reputation when really it's not." Robin couldn't help but smirking at the thought of this. "No one gives a damn whatever sexuality you may be. Heck, being bisexual means you automatically have more choice- it's great, I would know. You're accepted, Robin."

"So... I'm not gonna get disowned?" Robin muttered, his crystal-blue eyes glistening under the shine of the bright light on the ceiling.
"Hell no. And if anyone happens to think less of you, fuck them! They aren't worth your energy!" Robin sniggered, adjusting the waves of his volumous chestnut hair.
"So what do ya say? Hug it out?" Mikolas smiled, raising his eyebrows in hopes of getting a yes. Robin sighed.
"I can't believe I'm doing this..." He leaned towards him, reluctantly wrapping his muscular arms around Mikolas. "I swear to god if you tell anyone..."
"I won't, I won't." And with that, they left the room, separating off to their separate classes; a little late might I add.

"So... did you talk to him?" Benji asked, trying not to seem too interested. He'd discreetly ran over to his desk across the room in their Technology Class, trying not to get caught.
"Yep." He whispered in return.
"And did it go well?"
"And he didn't threaten to slit your throat?"
"What about my throat?"
Benji sat up, strangely relieved yet surprised he'd live another day.
"Huh that's...good! So we're on good terms now?"
"Robin and me are on good terms, you two just need to apologise to each other already and get over yourselves." Benji almost choked at the idea of it.

"Apologise? Okay I'm fully aware that I at least deserve to have to apologise for what I did but I thought you were gonna do that for me. Isn't that the whole reason you talked to him?"
"Well it would mean a lot more if you said it in person, don't you think?" Mikolas smiled a reassuring smile before Benji sighed and agreed; it probably would be for the best. With that they decided to set this up when they'd most likely see each other again- rehearsals. Today happened to be their first dress rehearsal, the boys brought their outfits in their bags and made their way into the bustling drama studio.

"Hey Ari!" Ari looked towards the direction of the deep, silky voice. It was Matti, standing with Klemens and Einar. They were sporting some even crazier fashion accessories than usual: Matti was in full leather, metal spikes on his shoulders and black combat boots. Klemens had some crazy red platform boots and most of his chest was exposed through the intricate patterns of the thick, leather straps; not to mention that Einar was sporting a whole ton of red spikes and we wearing what could be described as a literal straitjacket. "We got your outfit!" Called Klemens, gesturing for him to come into one of the various dressing rooms. He shot a quick, scared look before trudging after the eye-catching goths.
"God help him now." Kostya muttered before the group quietly giggled to themselves. A while later, Hatari walked out, grinning uncontrollably- Ari walked behind them hidden for a few moments before the group separated; revealing his new persona. The Five Guys gasped.

Straps wrapped around his chest, sported with spiked, leather pants. His boots shone black and red, carefully tied straps wrapped all around them. His hair had been swept out of his eyes and his face was almost unrecognizable with the red eyeshadow and black eyeliner. It was strange to see such a sweetheart in such edgy attire, he...oddly suited it.
"Ari, you look..." Mikolas began, blushing and half breathless.
"Fucking awesome!" Kostya interrupted, an excited smile spread across his face. Ari surely was flattered, despite how different he felt- especially with the way he wobbled in his 6 inch platform boots.
"You actually do look really-" Benji started to say before a figure in the background caught his eye. Wearing a neat, navy tuxedo, the figure turned around- immediately exchanging glances with Benji. It was Robin. He cracked his knuckles, took a deep breath and walked towards him.
"This is my chance."

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