Humans Suck (18)

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     "I expect better results by midnight." Click. 

     Aeress woke up to her face smashed into a very muscular thigh. She wiped the sleep from her eyes, groaning obnoxiously. She hated waking up when her body indicated she could use a couple more hours of slumber. 

     She peeled herself off the most likely numb legs and sat up to identify the body as Warricks. He was typing away on his laptop, dressed head to toe is his usual dark attire. 

     "Take it easy," he commanded as she flopped back down onto the mattress. She propped her feet on his legs and stared up at the extravagant ceiling. A room fit for a queen. What was new?

     She brought her arms over her head and stretched, so much that her back cracked when she arched her spine. "That was a good one." 

      His hands immediately gave attention to her legs. "You've been asleep for a full day. I am sure you are stiff." 

     "I'm not the only one who's stiff," she muttered, sighing as she soaked in the art sewn into the design of the ceiling. 

     He paused his hand movements. "What was that?" 

      "I said!" she sat up. His eyes were trained on her religiously. "I," she pulled the laptop from him and placed it on the side, "said," she moved until she basically covered him with her hands propped on either side of his hips, "I'm not the only stiff person in this bed." She looked up into his blue gaze. Such a serious man. 

      Her eyes travelled downward to his pale lips. "Can I kiss you?" 

     "You never have to ask." 

     Aeress didn't wait and pressed her lips to his. She held herself there for a few lasting seconds and pulled back. "That's it?" he demanded when she put some distance between them. 

    She leaned back onto her elbows and tilted her head forward just enough so she could see him. "You never just want a peck? I personally think they're cute." 

     Warrick got out of the bed. She watched him move so gracefully in amazement. He moved as a predator would: silent and quick. For a man of his size, it was strange to see him move as a one danced through water. He didn't shake or tremble. He was totally composed. It drove her nuts!

     He looked down at her with a frown. She batted her eyelashes. His tone was accusing. "A kiss is not a kiss if it is shorter than a moment." 

     Aeress laughed. "Says who?" 

     "I do."

     She threw her legs over the edge of the bed and sat up to look up at him. "Oh, right, because what you say is law. My bad, I forgot." 

     "I am Premier." 

     "Can you be any more cocky?" she demanded, grabbing his hand and tugging him downward. "Proper kiss coming right up," she muttered as she used her other hand to slid over the back of his neck. Their lips connected, but this time it was not a peck, this was a kiss, or at least to Warrick's liking. 

     This time she opened her mouth and explored him with equal fever. His body possessed her as he got on top, a place she was beginning to believe his favorite. Her back was against the blankets then, and she wrapped her legs around his waist as he leaned over. It just felt natural. 

     "Is this better?" she demanded between kisses. 

      "Much," his lips travelled down her neck. She felt his hands rub down her hips before curving both hands under her bottom and kneading her flesh. He urged her closer, lifting her by the strength of his hands alone. 

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