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So yesterday I was helping out with Choir which was amaze fun and there was this dude who had Mike+Luke hair and he was talking about something and I just stared at his hair-and yeah. His new name is Muke lol. Then there were these bunch of guys and one of them had Ashton's hair and Luke's eyes and THEN there was this 5SOS fan and we were talking and stuff, when she was about to leave I belted out in the middle of the hall,""SHE LOOKS SO PERFECT STANDING THERE" and she laughed and replied (just as loud) "IN MY AMERICAN APPAREL UNDERWEAR" then together purposely off pitch we yelled "AND I KNOW NOW THAT I'M SO DOWN!!!!", and then she left. Guys I made a few new best friends :)


QOTC: What's y'all's fav 5SOS song? Mine is either Mrs.AllAmerican or Long Way Home (Currently lol)

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