twenty four

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this chapter's just gonna be Renjun's point of view in Ephemera's Chapter 37

Days turned to weeks, and those weeks almost turned into a month. It's almost a month since Renjun and Ningning talked. Many things happened. Mark and Yeri graduated, Mark almost lost his mind.

They broke up and reconciled.

But most importantly, Eunmi is back.

They were currently at Jeju, enjoying their last day at the rest house. He wanted to talk to Mark, because he noticed that his beloved hyung is avoiding him for days already.

He could already guess that it's because he's too close with Eunmi all of a sudden. He can't blame everyone for being shocked, though. Aside from him and Eunmi, Ningning is the only onw who knows that they were in touch back then.

"Mark-hyung..." He walked towards his hyung who was busy two luggages: Mark's and Eunmi's.

Mark looked at him and raised a brow, "Hmm? What is it?" He asked.

"Can we talk... but place your luggaes down first. I'll be at the benches by the beach." Renjun said, making his way outside.

He sat on a bench and he could clearly hear the waves hitting the shore. It was peaceful. He was the only one at the beach, maybe because it was just 7 in the morning. People are still at the dining hall, maybe.

He decided to lie down and put his sunglasses on. It wasn't that sunny, it was even cloudy. He placed both of his arms behind his head, and if someone would pass by, they might think that Renjun is having the time of his life.

"What an idiot." Renjun immediately sat up upon hearing Mark's voice.

He coughed, "How long have you been standing there, hyung?"

"Oh, I've been standing here long enough..." He scoffed and sat beside him.

The younger sat still and coughed awkwardly. He doesn't know how to begin. "Hyung, I just want to clear things out, okay?" He took a deep breath before starting.

"I know that Eunmi-noona already told you this hut to be fair, I would also want my side to be heard..." He said. He's thinking if he should tell Mark that Eunmi and him used to talk back then hit he decided not to. He doesn't want things to be ruined between his hyung and noona because of him. "Hyung, believe me when I saw that Eun-noona and I are just friends..."

He was expecting Mark to punch him for being with Eunmi all the time, but to his surprise, Mark just laughed. "Calm down, I'm chill about it."

Renjun stood up and stomped his foot. "Still!" He said. "It started when I started developing feelings towards this certain person I used to talk about a lot... lucky you if you remember her." He laughed. "Back when you were still in Murev, I always talk to Eunmi-noona, asking her what to do next since I was shy to talk to the other noonas... and she helped me..." That slipped from his mouth, forgetting that it was Mark he's talking to, also known as Eunmi's boyfriend, also known as the person Eunmi ignored for a coupleof months.

It seems like Mark buys his explanation, as he was listening intently. He looked at the younger, feeling bad about him, remembering everything that he had to go through.

"Until one day... I confessed and yeah... things happened..." Renjun chuckled bitterly. He remembered his second confession at the prom. He could recall how she was about to reply but Jisung had to interrupt the moment. It's not that he blames Jisung, though. It was also inportant because if it isn't because of Jisung, he wouldn't know that Mark is about to destroy the drinks section. "She told me she had to leave for China and she doesn't know when to come back." Mark snapped his head towarss the younger who looks like he's about to cry.

He then looked down, he didn't know that Renjun's going theough these things, and yet he never told anyone. He's just going with the flow, being happy, even though he's not. He's pretending to he alright even though inside, he's already broken.

He knew the feeling. The feeling was familiar to Mark. He's been there, and he knows how painful it was. He didn't want his friend to experience the same fate as him.

"You know, you're konda lucky thay she told you she's leaving..." Mark started and looked at Renjun. "I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm happy that the two of us are okay now..." He sighed. "But you know, it's better if you go with the flow first and wait until she comes back. Not to be harsh but you could expect... hut you should also prepare for the worst."

Renjun looked at Mark with pure amusement. "Who are you and what did you do to Mark-hyung?

Mark laughed. "Pabo."

"Then? What happened when you confessed?" Mark asked.

The younger looked away, "Don't ask about it... I don't wanna remember it." Jisung just had to ruin eveything.

"Cheer up, Renjun!" Eunmi said, patting Renjun's shoulders. "It isn't the end of the world yet so smile!" She said, trying to make her friend smile for the nth time today.

"I can't smile, noona... it still hurts." He chuckled bitterly as a tear escaped from his eye. "What, why am I crying?"

She went closer and rubbed his back. "Shh, it's okay, Renjun... it's okay..."

Upon remembering something, Renjun stopped crying. His eyes widened and he looked at the date in his phone and his mood suddenly brightened up.

"We still have clearances..." Renjun started. "I can still talk to her, noona..." He said, trying to sound positive and not depressed. "It's not yet too late.."

It's never too late.

He hopes.

— tbc.
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