Expanding The Job Part 9

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26th April 2019 All Rights Reserved


Rene's POV...

" Rene, Mrs Carter has had a fall. It happened just before I got there. I called for assistance and she has been taken to hospital." Judy, the woman I use as my manager when I am away was telling me through the phone.

" Do they know what caused it?" I asked her as I stopped filing paperwork when the phone rang.

" Broken hip most likely. I'm just going to finish up here, fill out an incident report and then head off to the Staples residence next." She was telling me.

" Make sure the house is completely secure before leaving. Did she end up getting that new pet she was mentioning?" I asked her when I remembered the elderly lady was lonely and suggested a pet of some sort.

" No, thank goodness. It would have complicated it with her in the hospital." Judy muttered. I gave her a few more directions and reminded her to note her time while I made a note that Mrs Carter was not able to sign off of the visit with Judy there due to her hospitalization and stood up to grab my keys for the lockers.

I walked across to the file cabinets and opened up the drawer for Mrs Carters personal information to look for her next of kin.

People just assume that I am a lowly cleaner. But that is not the case. Sometimes, I am the only person who has control of a particular retired or disabled clients life with no family being in the picture. And, in this case with Mrs Carter, there is only one child, a son, who lives a couple of states away.

Getting his details, I went back to the desk and sat down to call the hospital first to inquire with regards to Mrs Carter since I am listed on her file as a person of interest to call. Only because I am here locally.

Once I was assured that she was being looked after and was in the middle of being admitted, I let them know that I was about to call her family.

The hospital were familiar with me and the processes I go through for my clients.

Hanging up the phone after making that call, I made notes as to what I was about to do next.

Today is usually my paperwork day. All businesses have days where there are forms that need to be filed after filling. All records need to be checked. Everything has to be cross referenced and made absolutely sure it is correct as well as all accounts paid. Both incoming and outgoing. I set aside Mondays for this.

I called home to let Gran know that I might be late home for dinner and why.

" You do what needs doing, Lovey. We will keep dinner for you." She said to me after I explained the situation. It was something she was familiar with me doing since it is not the first time nor will it be the last, I am sure.

I stood up after hanging up and left the office locking the front door securely before heading to the back door and locking that one behind me and made my way to my truck. I was going to head off to the hospital and see Mrs Carter who was probably frightened and in a lot of pain at the moment along with being disoriented somewhat.

The girls all have a set of keys they can use to get into the office for anything as well as to sign themselves off for the day. That too was something I made sure they all did. It gives us a time frame of hours we do that we have to report.

We might be an independent small business to a degree. But since we work with the elderly and the disabled in their own homes, we also have to meet a criteria and be registered as a company who provide in home care support for those who wish to live independently of  being a resident of in care.

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