Exploring Part 8

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Rene's POV...

It was nice meeting Debborah and Randi. The boys enjoyed talking to her about all sorts of cars. Along with telling her about the engineering courses they have set up to do text term. That was on top of their normal classes and homework they have as seniors.

They have taken the extra courses because they know it was going to help them get into their chosen career after they start university. They know that if they get a head start now, it will make the studying much more smoother after they start with furthering their education.

They already have jobs waiting for them through JC's Engineering. His company is always looking for up and coming engineers who are willing to use their initiative but stick within the environmental scope of the industry. I don't exactly know the whole scope of the business. I only know the scope of mine.

Anyway, the boys and Randi got on very well with each other and were reluctant to say their goodbyes. But they did going as far as to exchange addresses and phone numbers so they could keep in touch. I didn't know how I felt about that. There was this niggle of unease when they did that.

But what can I do about it. The boys have to learn how to show insight where girls were concerned. But they didn't look at her as if she was a girl. Just someone else who had the same likes as they do. In this case, it was the car show and the vehicles they both saw and liked.

After a restful night, the boys had told us that they hoped we were still up to exploring some of the sights.

" If it is all right with you, Dear. We are just going to settle here for the morning and if we feel up to it, we can go out somewhere this afternoon." Grandma said as she and Pa sat at the table eating breakfast together. We had all looked through the spread sheet of the newspaper that showed the car show results.

No wonder it was crowded. They estimated more than two hundred thousand visitors went through over the two days the car show was on. It might have been crowded. But it was worth it. Especially when it made our grandparents happy to be here and run into some old friends. Including Stanley who eventually made another appearance and come chatting with Pa.

" Can we go to the Aquarium?" Jasper asked around a mouthful of cereal which distracted me.

" What have I told you about eating with food in your mouth?" I asked my son with a glare. I waited with my arms crossed and glared at him and watched as his mouth went into overdrive chewing on the mouthful he currently was chewing.

" If you are going to talk with food in your mouth, fill it up and then talk. That way, when you choke, it makes it easier to thump the crap out of you to get you breathing again. Then, once you are breathing, you will thump the shit out of us for talking with food in your mouth in the first place when you know we shouldn't." My lovely son said after swallowing and practically quoted verbatim word for word what I have told them on and off over the years about the subject.

" That's right. And do not swear." I snapped at him.

" But that was exactly what you said, Mum. Word for word." Bryce, my loving oldest son said to me with a smirk. But he lost it when I slowly turned that glare on him.

" Cowabunga. Can we go there too?" Jasper asked with a grin.

" You two are incorrigible." I said to them before sighing. Then I turned to our grandparents and spoke to them about what they wanted to do after lunch.

" I don't really know, Love. We just might want to vegetate here for the whole day and rest up for  tomorrow before we leave." Pa went on to say as he and Gran turned to look at each other with smiles.

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