An Enjoyable Finish Part 7

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25th April 2019 All Rights Reserved


Rene's POV...

I think I let out a large sigh of relief that the car show was now finished. Two days of meandering through crowds looking at different vehicles, the pride of many people, and avoiding the thick crush of bodies at times made me wonder why so many people go to these events?

" It's the love of the car, dear." Grandma said with a smile later that afternoon after we were back in the motel again. We were all bushed and us older ones, me included, just sat back and listened to the boys as they excitedly talked about their experiences while being here. I couldn't help but smile at the enthusiasm they both showed.

The second place certificate was sitting on this little hall table being shown off in the frame the boys went out and got from one of the stalls while we were still there. The proud look on their faces when they came back with it and then helped their grandfather slide it, the certificate, into the frame. The smiles on our men's faces only warmed mine and Grans hearts even more.

They even wanted to go out for dinner, but I looked at them before I made them glance at their grandparents who looked knackered on it. My grandparents might have had a thoroughly good time being here. But they are over eighty and days like these few are very few and far between for them. They looked rather tired on it and I thought tonight we would stay in.

But no, the oldies vetoed that idea. They just needed a nap for a couple of hours and then they would be ready to go. I looked at them a bit skeptical but they took themselves off for a nap like they said and left to rest of us to potter about the unit quietly. I made sure that they boys were quiet as well.

The boys were back in their room quietly chatting away about the cars they saw and which ones were their favorites and I smiled when I heard them quietly arguing over one particular vehicle. It was a 1940's fire truck that was beautifully restored. It was one called a Monarch Streamline. It looked solid and more capable than some trucks I see being used today.

At one point when it was just me and the boys walking around when we went off to get some lunch from one of the market vendors present, we came across the truck and couldn't help but admire it. I had to take a photo of the boys with the owner standing in front of the truck, all of them with grins. I just stood back and watched the boys have their chats with the owners of the vehicles they stopped at. I was, you could say, a proud Mumma as I watched them intermingle with everyone.

I think it was at that point that I can see my boys doing car shows in the future with how much they enjoyed themselves with this visit.

As they said, my grandparents only needed a couple of hours to nap and they would be right to go for another couple of hours to go out for dinner. They were still excited in coming second in the car show. Pa was walking around, when he could straighten up that is, like a peacock strutting over the win.

So, we were ready and leaving the unit at six thirty on the dot for dinner down at one of the restaurants that was recommended in the motels visitor guide. We reserved a table for seven to make sure we got there in plenty of time and had been assured that most Sunday nights, the clientele was somewhat slow.  Fridays and Saturdays being their busiest.

So, we were going to enjoy having a quiet evening out.

I didn't want to go anywhere where there was mostly a casino. I am sure that the restaurants within the buildings are superb, I'm sure. I just did not want to compete while talking with the sounds of machine and their winning jackpots going off through the walls.

So, after talking with Pa, we decided to find one of the more sedate restaurants int he brochure and check them out. Which me and Bryce did while the others were enjoying their nap and Jasper watch out over them while we were out. I found it easy to get to since it was only a few blocks down and a block up. 

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