A Fun Packed Day Part 5

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24th April 2019 All Rights Reserved


Rene's POV...

We had been shown where to park for our category and once directed to the right spot, the boys were quick to get out and set up the camp seats for their grandparents while I signed off as the driver in attendance.

After about twenty minutes, I suggested that the boys go find where the nearest toilets were along with the food carts. But more specifically where the coffee venders were situated.

" Me and Willa are going for a walk. We might run into someone we know." Grandpa said with a grin as he lifted his eyebrows up and down a couple of times.

" Can you guys go with them, please? Just in case something happens." I turned to ask Bryce and Jasper who were quick to jump to their feet and tag along with their grandpa and 'main chick' as he sometimes called Grandma.

" Do you want us to bring you back a coffee?" Jasper asked as he checked his pockets before he left to make sure he had his wallet.

" Yes, please.. son. You know what I have." I smiled at him and waved him off to catch up with the others.

It has been at least twelve years since they have been here or to any of the car shows in the last few years. Both their health and also helping me with the boys hindered their participation. So, they would dearly like to see a few familiar faces and also meet up with some they have kept in touch with that said that they too would be here.

I grabbed the albums, specifically the one that pa started all those years ago and sat it on the front drivers seat with the door open so that others who came to have a look at their car can flick through the album to see how much it has not changed since Pa first got it so many years ago.

While they were gone, there was a steady trickle of people coming down our lane and stopping to have a chat about the Chevy that Pa has lovingly looked after all these years.

" This is George's car. I would recognise it anywhere. What are you doing with it? Did he up and die?" This really short man stood in front of the car and pointed to it with his walking stick.

He had hardly any hair and what there was is very pale and whisper thin as it poked out from under the beret he had perched atop of his head. It might be a bit warm on it, but I can tell that the man was a gentleman like Pa is. If Pa was not wearing his sleeveless pullover, he would wear a vest instead. And a tie. It didn't matter what kind as long as there was one worn.

This man was wearing a bow tie. very neatly too I can see.

" He's here somewhere walking around hoping to catch up with a few of the others visitors he has not seen in years." I said to the man with a smile.

" What? He's here? He's not dead? I best get then. He promised to shoot me the last time he saw me." The man grumbled and muttered as he looked around rather nervously.

" He did? What for?" I asked with a slight smile I tried to hold in.

" I tried to run off with his wife, pretty little thing she was. That Willa sure was a fine looking filly." He was saying while still looking around.

" My grandma is still a spritely young lady and a good looking woman still." I said to him with a grin.

" What? She is still alive? I best get then. George might have promised to shoot me. But she will be the one holding the gun. I'm off." The little man said and without any further ado, he was walking off with his walking stick bouncing along with him. I didn't even get his name.

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