Having A Break Part 4

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23rd April 2019 All Rights Reserved


Rene's POV...

I worked it out that it would take us a good long day to drive over to Las Vegas. More than a twwelve hour trip. It wouldn't have been a problem for me and the boys. But with our grandparents, that was too much all in one go.

So, I decided to make it a two day drive over and back to make it easier for my grandparents with a stopover in Farmington for the night. It was about a six and a half hour drive to there from home, and that was going to be as far as I was going with my elderly passengers. We did get away at nine from home and was not expecting to get there before three thirty at the least.

The seats in the car might be lovely to sit on and ride in. But even they felt like concrete after a few hours of sitting in the one spot over time. We all decided to have a pub dinner that night. Pub meals were just as good if not better than home cooked.So, we had no arguments about that.

I looked at directions on getting there and Pa said that he has been there a few times before. But roadworks have changed a lot since he was last there. So, seeing that it would be easier to take the beltway right around town to the far side, it only needed us to take the W Falmingo Rd  exit for a couple of blocks then turn up to the park where the event was being held.

We had to arrive and check in there before we were even going to get checked in at the accommodation. That would be after. So, it meant finding something close by to stay at. I managed to get us a two bedroom villa on the ground floor for us all for a weeks stay. That way, we can have a good break away from home.

The villa might have only had two bedrooms, but there was a little alcove off the side of the dining room with a large sofa that folds out to a bed the size of a double. That was where I chose to sleep letting both the grandparents and the twins each have a room and some privacy to themselves. 

Since there was a larger main sitting room near the front door, I kept my sofa bed out and made up since the only one likely to use the small room was myself.

We checked in later that afternoon after checking in with the car show first when we arrived. Once we did that and then checked in at our accommodation, it was decided that the older couple would stay and freshen up for a while while me and the boys went grocery shopping for our stay. Which we found a couple of streets down.

Making sure that we had mostly produce before anything else, I then made sure we got plenty for meals while here as well as some desserts and snacks. The snacks were mostly for the garbage disposals who like to eat us out of home... a lot. But they are growing boys which does not surprise me.

They are, at sixteen years of age, just over six feet with a quarter of an inch different.

" Only in socks, mother. Only in socks." Jasper would frequently tell me when I mention the differences between them.

" It's the cowlick. We both have them. But they both curl differently." Bryce, the older of the two said with a cheeky grin. He was right about them.

Both cowlicks curled in opposite directions. They have tried to tame them both. But nothing works.

After filling the trolley and getting it checked out was an experience. The boys saw all the junk food and chocolate lining the aisle leading to the chekouts and decided to help themselves to some with tossing in a few bars which were on sale into the melee of groceries.

We were back at the motel under two hours with all the groceries which I left to the boys to unload since they can carry more than I can at any given time. I mentioned that they were just over six feet tall. They were also very fit with the slightly thicker bodies to match giving the illusion that they were older than they looked.

Everytime I look at them, all I see is their father who they happen to be the image of. The only thing they got from my side of the fmaily were Grandma's eyes. Vibrant greenish eyes rimmed with this caramel line surrounding the iris's. That was all. I haven't seen anyone else with those eyes before. Except me. And my mother. Those eyes came down through Grandma to my boys through my mother.

" I can always remember my own grandmother having the same colored eyes as us. The only boys who get them are those born from daughters. Not from sons." Grandma told us once when I asked her about them. It was also my eyes that told both Grandpa and Grandma that I was their grandchild.

Everything else about my sons, though, was a Warrendine. After their father.

I found out at one time that all Warrendine men have the same brilliant familiar looks they all inherited from the first original Warrendine forefather who came out from the old country as a free settler. He took a native wife after getting to know some of the local people and started his own dynasty. 

The height and dark looks came from Doug's great-great-great so forth grandmother who not many knew about. No one even knew her real name after all this time. Which I thought was sad. But she must have been a really interesting woman to have been taller than most men at the time. Or so Doug said to me once.

There was heritage that my sons had that I can not tell them about because no one knew who the original mother was that started the family whose descendants live scattered around the country.

Anyway, they all helped to unpack and pack away the food where Grandma said to put it. This night we were just going to have a night in and cook a light dinner while we talk about the car show we were going to attend the day after tomorrow. But we were going to see what amusements we can visit while here that do not involve a casino.

We can have a good time without involving betting our money away.

The boys of course looked through the folders and visitors guides available for guests and already had one place pinned. The trampoline park. And The Regional Park on the other side of town. From what I gather, it is a water park. 

But I will have to check that out first before thinking about it. The main reason being that my boys are still just that, boys. Still kids who want to play. Most people think they are men when they are not. It can be confusing sometimes and there has been a couple of issues. But nothing we can't handle.

 Pa wanted some museums and historical venues. Which I had already made a list of before coming here.

So, we all spent the evening before and after dinner talking about what we were going to do while here apart from the car show.

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