Conned Me Out Part 3

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23rd April 2019 All Righst Reserved


Rene's POV...

The two boys were quick to go off and look for their grandfather who was most probably still out in the garden with Grandma. They tried to get as much daylight in their lives as they can.

" It won't be long before we end up not seeing anything. So, we will be getting all the daylight we can for us old people." They both said to me with a bit of a sneer. Then they smiled at each other and went back to pottering, as they called it.

I can understand how they feel. I get to hear it a lot from a few other of the older ones in the community.

I have a few clients who need extra care and because they are getting really old on it, they can not do too much any more because of their limitations. So, I come in twice a week and give their homes a thoroughly good clean for them. They get to spend more time out in their own gardens which they enjoy.

I can hear the boys excited voices getting louder and their grandparents softer tones in response as they came closer to the house from this side.

" Mum. Pa said we can go into town with him and Nan." I turned to look at the two grandparents in question with a brow raised at them.

" Really? Why would they do that for?" I asked them curiously. It was getting on to late and it will be dark soon. I didn't want them anywhere out on the road after dark. Not at their age.

" That was not what I said to them. I said why don't we all go into town for dinner since it is not a school night and we could all do with a break." Now that made sense when Pa said it like that. But I reckon I was being conned into going out for dinner and not have to stay in and cook like I normally would have. I just smiled at them. I was probably going to do the driving.

" Then give me twenty to finish up here and then a quick shower. Maybe you can call ahead Pa for reservations." I said to him with a smile as I started to get in and clean my equipment. All of it.

With some of the jobs, I do not ever cross over and use another mop or broom or any of the products from one house to another. Some of the clients have to have the same equipment each time and not have any that were used in someone else's house.

That is not because they are persnickety in any way. Not by any means. It all had to do with allergies. That is how serious I take my work.

I managed to finish this last clean up in just under thirty minutes and after toeing off my shoes and socks, I was walking bare foot up the hall before taking the rear stairs up to the bedrooms. Mine was at the front of the house.

After I started working when I was pregnant and made enough to have a good saving nest egg, I kept enough aside for when I had the baby. But what was left, I talked with my grandparents about some extentions I wanted to add to the house. I had already had some drawn up and had the costs all factored in before I even decided to approach them.

The cabin was a small three bedroom place with a single floor. It was comfortable for the three of us. But not with two growing boys added into the household. Two, that I did not know I was having at the time. So, when I thought about how to do it, I thought about the extra space we would all need for the furture of us as a family.

The large family room and large kitchen extention was the first year along with another bathroom. One bath was not doing it for any of us. Plus, the old bath was also the laundry room. That didn't work for me. So, off the back of the kitchen, I also had the large utility room added with another separate shower room with toilet giving us the second bathroom. It has been updated and renovated since then just a couple of years ago.

It suits my needs at the moment and I don't see any trouble that would have me think I needed to upscale it in some way. Not yet anyway.

By the time the boys were five, the second floor was up and another three bedrooms and two bathrooms were added. The only thing my grandparents wanted to make sure of was that all the additions matched the original cabin that had been in Pa's family for years. Which it does. The one thing I had to make sure that my grandparents had after putting up with all the renovations and extentions was their own room. 

Which I turned into a small suite that was self contained. That way, they could run away from us by just shutting a door to a very small hall that was used by turning one of the downstairs bedrooms next to my grandparents into the hall and small kitchen that lead out to a dining area combined with a small lounge room and their bedroom leading off it with rear access to the back of the cabin and the gardens through both the bedroom and the lounge.

They loved it.

But, the main thing I wanted to add instead of that large fireplace was to add a large wood burner that would be central to the house. I didn't think fireplaces were all that efficent anyway. But having a wood burner would keep the heat and emit that heat long after the fire died down.

But it could not be just any wood fire. This was was built right into the fireplace and could be loaded from both side with tempered heated glass doors that would open. It was built into the chimney with wood storage beneath and beside the wood stove.

Mind you, Grandma's wood stove was stillbeing used in the kitchen. It had to get fixed a few times. But it still works and to be honest, I love the meals that are cooked on it.

Anyway, we lived a few miles out of town and I know that I needed to get a leg on to get ready to go out. It meant me doing the driving. Not that I minded. Grandpa's car was a 1955 Chevy Classic. It was bright red with white trims and in original condition. It was a wonderful jalopy, as the boys called it.

Anyway, dinner was great that night in town after working hard all week. It was over the weekend that the boys found out about a car show over in Las Vegas that they wanted to know if Pa was going to enter his car into. It was something he did sometimes. Not all the time. But that was still some distance away.

I just left them at it to talk it out. But to my surprise, my grandparents thought it would a nice drive over and take the boys.

" But you are coming too, young lady. You need some free time for a break as well." Grandma said with one of those looks.

So, I looked into the car show, organised the girls to cover for me and made arrangements to head on over to Las Vegas Nevada for a weeks holiday. I was getting a little excited at having a break since it was the first one this year.

I had no idea who I was going to run into while we were there.

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