Another Normal Day Part 2

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22nd April 2019 All Righst Reserved


Rene's POV...

" All right you two. Break it up." I called out to the two boys who were rough housing it in the family room at the back of the house that faced the gardens. 

They only did that after watching some wrestling match where their favourite wrestlers had played. Then they would get on with their normal lives. Just another normal day for us all.

Which involved studying, school and sometimes girls. But they were few and far between, the girls that is. Having a girlfriend was pretty serious in our household. Especially with our background. The boys knew how hard it was for me after I lost their father before they were born and they did not wnat to put themselves in a similar position where it might happen with them. 

I didn't get any support from Doug's family like I thought I would have once I told them that I was pregnant with Doug's baby. But they didn't care. I was told quite bluntly that if I made a pest of myself about it, they would call the police and CPS on me. It was mostly his mother who said that to me and she was really mean about it.

I was young, upset about Doug being killed and that scared me and when I told my grandparents about it, they were rightly angry about it. So, because of all that happening, my boys are very cautious where girls are concerned. I heard that his family eventually moved away after that. But i didn't care. Their loss was my gain where my baby was concerned.

They had no idea what they were losing when they refused to have anything to do with their unborn grandchild. I didn't know that when they were growing and had questions, they went to their grandparents to get answers. My grandparents tried to tell them that it was up to me to give them those answers, but the boys were very persistent and the old's gave in. 

Then they came, the grandparenst, to tell me what happened. The boys were nearly ten by this stage and I decided after much thought that I needed to tell them somehting. I forgot that kids can be very smart when they want to be and that we should never take their brains for granted.

Plus, they were snoops and found some of the letters I had received from Doug's parents. We had a long talk about what happened and I will admit that I stressed that having sex at a young age is not really worth it. Not after my example anyway. I admitted to being young and stupid like Doug. But it set the scene for the boys future where girls were concerned.

Girls are not that important to them at this stage, anyway.

So, the boys mostly hang with their mates coming out for a weekend visit where they would head off down the back of the property and have a camp out with us oldies not interfering in their fun.

Of course, that all gets thrown out the window when they get a whiff of Grandma's cookies being cooked and cooling on the bench near the window where the smell would waft out and across the back yard and down to the boys who could not help themselves by coming back up and beg for some.

Grandma would just smile and give them one and a small bag for later. She was making sure that the boys all knew who was the boss while they were here. At the most, there were often only four of them who came out on a regular basis. Sometimes there might be six or seven. But it was usually the four regular lads who were often here.

" Hey. Mum's home." I heard my eldest son Bryce, call out when they heard me yelling down the hall.

" Good. I am starved." My younger son Jasper, also yelling out while added his two cents worth in as well. He was always hungry.

" A bottomless pit, that boy is." Grandpa was often heard to say about him. But always with a smile.

" I am only carrying mops and buckets. If you want food. You can get it yourself." I yelled back as I walked through the house to the very large, state of the art, laundry and utility room I had added to the back of the house.

" Can we have your card and order something?" Jasper yelled out as he stomped his way through the house heading in my direction.

" No. But I can give to a fifty and you can treadle it down into town if you like?" I asked with a smirk I gave the lad when he turned the corner and walked into the room where I was carefully emptying everything in the box out and onto the bench for a thorough cleaning.

" Treadling it won't do mother. You know that? Can we borrow the jalopy?" Bryce asked as he came into the room and stood beside his younger twin.

" Only if your Grandpa said it was okay." I smirked at them knowing that Pop might not let them take it. It was his very first car and still runs like a dream despite it's age. That's because he always took pride in it and looked after it.

Every year on the same day at the same time of day in the same place, he would have a photo taken of him with the car. He started that when he was fifteen years old. After the third photo, there was an addition. My Grandma. She was in every photo with him after that. Tey looked so young and happy, the two of them. They still do when they looked at each other. That was in spite of the fact that their daughter left many eyars earlier and never came back.

Not once and not even a call. That was what made me sad for them. But pissed off at my mother. It took me a while to work out that she was ashamed of her family and life up here in the hills. But I loved it. So do my boys. I thought as they grew that they would want to have interests that would take them off the mountains, but at sixteen, they have no interest in leaving here any time soon.

I even heard them mentiont hat they were not even going to move away for college when there was a rather good one right here close by. It suited their needs and had the courses they wanted, both to do with engineering. They like to build things. They would always include Pa in their sometimes crazy ideas. But Grandma just laughed at them all.

Grandpa loved spending time with the boys. Especially when it involved his car. Or grandma.

Sometimes I thought he took just as much pride in her as he did with his car and it showed. My boys would always look through those particular albums of their grandfathers and go mush over those pictures. Because of the car. Only the car. But I knew they also went goo goo over their grandparents as well.

As they did back over the boys as well. We all had a good relationship with each other despite a few rocky moments.

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