Chapter 21

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The bracelet tightened around my wrist glowing brighter. As Blad lifted his arm pointing at us with his long boney shellac ash

He whispered. "Kill... Kill them all..." He beckoned as the hollows shook and their eyes glowed as they turned around at his command.

...Then they screamed as they started floating towards us.

I began to channel my power reaching into its core. As it vibrated glowing with energy and launched the power to the hollows as it exploded in tons million pieces.

Blad growled its eyes flared in fury as it casts another power ascending creatures beneath.

We ran towards them without hesitation, sending them powers from my bracelet as they exploded and burned into flames. While Enara casted a spell from the book chanting in panic.

As more creatures started chasing us, we hurled them away and Enara blasted them with multiple force. We ran to find the others and stopped as Jackson and Danny struggle to fight. We went up to them and blasted power.

"Guys! What happened?" Danny exclaimed.

"Blad had access to our world and he's sending his hollows to take the dominion and kill everyone." Enara explained as we run off to find Cain and Simon.

We heard a scream and shout as we stopped. Luckily they're alive, but they're fighting the creatures one by one almost clawing their faces and Janna throwing a stone part of the fountain, slaying the creatures. We split up slaying the other monsters.

"Get off me you stupid beast!" She screamed as the beast roared charging at her in direct speed. She held up the stool as the creatures head hits its legs in force.

"Ana! Find me a weapon! I couldn't hold it much longer." She shouted.

I frantically look around and saw a stone tablet laying one the ground and nothing but broken rocks and stones. I took it and throw at her as she catches it and sink it into its mouth. Slowly it crushed into pieces... Until it shoots into Janna's arms as it exploded killing the beast.

The tablet appeared, but with multiple tech keypads floating around her. She pressed each button as it shoots sharp razors towards the creatures.

"Holy crap!" She exclaimed admiring the kepads.

"How did you do that!?"  I examined her.

"I.. I don't know! It just struck me and I just... Control them." She trailed slowly.

We hurried over to the group. Janna typed into the keypads shooting sharp force to the creatures and she took off a glass and throw it cutting off the hollows bodies with glowing shriek.

We ran to the group as they finish the monsters. Suddenly a spark shot through the heads of the beasts one by one seizing every moment, until they crumble into dusts. We turn to see Kai flying towards us with Thorne on her side baring its teeth.

"Come on! To the bridge! Where he can't reach us because his existance is limited and its sundown while the Beneath is now awake.. He can't stop us now because the cults protected that land." She screeched as we followed her.

Suddenly a screech pierced through the crowd of chaos. As more creatures rise through the thick smoke as its eyes are glowing brightly.

"You've gotta be kidding me!" I complained.

Without hesitation, we ran in full speed before the monsters charge at us. Through the thick woods as our drumming hearts match our beating footsteps, we reached to the bridge. As I began to channel my inner power and punch the air opening the portal...

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