The Beginning Part 1

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Rene's POV...

I was sore and tired as I climbed out of my truck after pulling several jobs during the day after starting at six this morning. It was now after five and I was bushed. I turned and grabbed my jacket before also grabbing the keys that were in the ignition and pulled them out. Closing the door behind me and clicking the automatic lock, I heard the truck lock behind me.

I went to the back of the truck and opened the back canopy to pull the handled box that held my tools.

They needed cleaning. It was something I did between each and every job. I didn't make any exceptions and there were no excuses. I made sure that what I did between jobs was always done with freshly cleaned tools of my trade.

Which happens to be a proffesional cleaner. 

I had a small cleaning business and had a good steady clientele who appreciate what I do for them. I even have several employees working for me as well, including a good trusted accountant. I am doing good and I can afford to give my family a few extra's now that I couldn't before.

It was the only job I could get after my life fell apart seventeen years ago. I didn't have a trade or a degree or even any kind of certificate to show that I would qualify for any kind of employment. No one would hire me for anything. So, I had to make my own work and support myself.

I was jobless. I was alone. I was scared and I was pregnant when the boy I was going to marry had been killed in a sudden and horrible car accident. I had only just told him about the baby that night he dropped me off at home where I lived with my grandmother who I had been living with since my parents divorced and remarried with neither parents wanting me to live with them.

I had no one except my grandparents who were getting fairly old by then. They couldn't help me. And, my parents wouldn't. But then, was I really surprised? No.

It would upset their new spouse having a reminder of a previous marriage hanging around. But it was all right for their kids to live with them and get the support that I should have gotten. It was like I never existed after that all happened not just when they divorced and remarried, but when I got pregnant. 

So, my grandparents allowed me to live with them and they helped me out with what they could once it became known that I was going to have a baby. These were my mothers parents who she never got along with.

I think it might have something to do with the fact that they didn't have much growing up and my mother, Susan, had always wanted what she couldn't have. So, she made it her aim to work at getting what she wanted through her body when she flaunted it to men regardless of their age.

When one of them eventually got her pregnant, she reeled him in and left town not looking back once at the family she left behind. I didn't even know that I even had grandparents until she shipped me off to them. When I turned up with a backpack on my back and a suitcase at my feet, they didn't know what to think when they answered my knock on the front door.

I was nine years old at the time and very tired after having the life i had being ignored by both of my parents as they went their separate ways from each other, and from me.

It was not easy when I first came. My grandfather had to find out if it was true that I was their daughters child. A child they didn't know about. My mother had not even told them that I was born. So, it was a bit tense there for a while for all of us.

But grandpa did more than just look to see if I was really their grandchild. Once he had the proof, he went custody of me so that mother could not come back again and try to take me. I was scared when all that was happening. Because it was not just mother who might come for me. It was my father too.

But both of my parents signed me away as if I was some sort of refuse to toss out without a second thought and not look back. It was not easy having me there with them at first. They didn't know me and they didn't trust me either. They thought I would grow up to be like my mother. But I didn't. They made sure of that.

They were not harsh or very demanding. No, they certainly were not. They had rules that I was not to break and that was that. They did want me to go with them to church every sunday, but I did not like that.

" It is one of those rules." Grandma said to me quietly.

" No. They are all liars and thieves." I said just as quietly back to her. I saw what my mother did with the preacher down the road. She never hid it from anyone. And I didn't like the way he looked at me either.

" You can not stay here with us without going to church." Grandpa said when he and Grandma looked at me.

I just turned and walked back to my room and started packing. I didn't have much to pack anyway and still hadn't unpacked much. So, my things were ready to go after they told me I couldn't stay here.

I pulled my suitcase down the hall and then dragged it down each and every step of the staircase with my grandparents looking at me with surprise or shock. I didn't know and I didn't care.

I knew it was only a matter of time before I was sent off to someone else anyway.

" Where are you going?" Grandma asked me with a confused look on her face as she watched me walk pass her out the door.

" Grandpa said I couldn't stay here if I didn't go to your church. Well, I am not going to some dumb church so I got my things. I will wait outside until you call whoever it is that is coming for me." I said as I moved past them and out the door.

I held in the tears I had filling my eyes. I didn't want them to see me crying. They might yell at me like my parents did when I cried. I got all the way to the end of the porch before grandpa coughed and started blustering over something. Then he came outside and before I knew what happened, he reached down and picked me up in his arms and carried me right back inside the house again. Grandma got my bag and case and brought them inside as well.

I was sniffling and grabbing my hankie when Grandpa sat me down on the couch in the lounge. That was when I got more rules. But at least I didn't have to go to church with them none. So, Grandma and me read the Bible each night in the lounge with Grandpa. I don't think I understood it much. But it was a Bible. That, I will believe before some damn preacher who did nothing but not practice what he should have when he did that preaching from that pulpit.

The hypocrite that they was. I might have been young. But I was not stupid. I ended up feeling happy for the firts time in my life after that. I even liked my grandparents after I got to know them.

Then, after I settled in with my grandparents and started growing up, I eventually met Doug who lived up near Denver a ways. I was sixteen when I met Doug.

He lived on the far side of town from up in Denver. We lived out on the south west side up in the hills near Mount Manitou. That was ouside Colorado Springs. We met through school excursions quite few times and after I got permission from my parents, I was allowed to go out on a date with him after he came calling and asked my grandparents personally for permission.

But he had to have me back by nine at night. No later than that. Since it was our first date out, Doug made sure that I was back at my front door ten minutes early.

He always had me back early. Except for that last time. When I told him about the baby.

He never made it home.

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