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opheliar: golden hour will forever be my favorite

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opheliar: golden hour will forever be my favorite

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username: hot

hannahmeloche: my favorite pic WOW

username: just stopped breathing for a sec

daviddobrik: wow
opheliar: i know right
username: date pls
username: i think they are already dating lol

username: i'm in love with her relationship with david ugh

tchalamet: you're so pretty i just can't


"are you coming for coachella?" i asked charlie as we were on a facetime call.

"i don't know" she sighed playing with her hair. "timmy is being weird lately"

"what happened?" i crossed my legs over hannah's lap.

"he's being weird, it looks like he's avoiding me or something; getting home late, not talking to me properly, those kind of stuff" she rested her chin on her hand.

"oh, have you tried to talk to him?" hannah looked at me, basically asking if i wanted some privacy to talk to charlie, but i shook my head.

"yes, he just said he's busy" she shrugged. "i think he's going to break up with me"

i widened my eyes with her words. "no! timmy loves you too much to break up, i think he has a good reason" i, then, frowned, sitting up.

"i know him, and you know him too, if you saw what he's doing, you would've said the same thing" charlotte sighed again in frustration.

i went silent for a few seconds. "what would you do if he broke up with you?"

she sighed, letting her head fall on the bed. "i would go back to los angeles, i mean, i wouldn't stay with you, i would probably look for a new place before going back" i nodded at her answer. "i don't know if could stay here if he did that"

"that's a good plan" we continued talking for a while until she had to hung up. i put my phone down, taking a deep breath as i pressed my palms against my eyes. "timothée is definitely going to dump her" i murmured to hannah.

"how do you know that?" she looked at me.

"he always does this when he wants to break up with someone, he is really predictable" i explained.

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