Today was a fairytale, you were the prince
I used to be a damsel in distress
You took me by the hand, and you picked me up at six
Today was a fairytale, today was a fairytale

Hermione thought it was going to be a wonderful night. Nearly Perfect perhaps. She was all glamoured up for the ball. The second she walked down the stairs all heads turned to her. She felt her cheeks burn but ignored it. Pansy gave her an unbelievable look and just smirked at her and she swear to the Gods, she saw the famous git, Draco Malfoy mouthed 'Wow' at her appearance. She didn't even gave up any second to stop in front of the famous Slytherin couple, say witty words at them and throw them insults because just below the stairs her date, Viktor Krum waited for her. Viktor held out his hand and Hermione took it and the next thing she knew everyone knew her as Hermione Granger, Viktor Krum's date.

Today was a fairytale, I wore a dress
You wore a dark gray t-shirt
You told me I was pretty when I looked like a mess
Today was a fairytale

She was wearing a periwinkle blue dress that fell to the floor, her hair was in an elegant knot behind her head and her date for the night is none other than the famous Bulgarian International seeker, Viktor Krum who seems dreamy in his suit. And Hermione thought those wonderful moments would last until the ball is over but her expectations failed her. After she danced with Viktor Krum, she barely spent any time with him. A group of giggling girls would always surround them---well Viktor, and entertain him. Hermione couldn't stand the crow, so she got herself out of the circle of his date's fangirls and just decided to sit down, and before she knew it Viktor already forgot that he had her as a date. He was so pre occupied with the attention he was getting that he forget about Hermione. Poor Hermione.

"Having fun are we Granger?" A familiar voice said to her. She looked up and saw Malfoy. She rolled her eyes and crossed her arms on her chest.

"Oh it's you" She said. Hermione, from the corner of her eyes saw Draco smirking at Viktor and his fangirls. "What are you doing here anyway?" she snapped "You here to make fun of me because I thought I was going to have a decent night with Viktor Krum but it all backfired? Well you've got your wish all right."

Draco was stunned at what Hermione said and was about to open his mouth to answer but Hermione cut him off.

"I am so foolish! Ugh! Stupid me!" she half whispered half yelled and face palmed herself. Draco heard what she said and was surprised, Hermione thought she was a fool? He would never think of her that way. He just kept staring down at her and felt pity for her. A girl who had an effort to look extra pretty for a special night doesn't deserve to be treated like this. Next thing he knew he sat there with her, none of them spoke for a few moments until Draco broke the curse.

"If it helps, my date ditched me too" Draco blurted out.

Hermione looked at him with her eyebrows furrowed. He doesn't know why but seeing Hermione all dressed up face to face, in front of him, a few inches away, wants to make his stomach do back flips and cartwheels. Not just that but staring at her warm hazelnut eyes made him melt, made him warm all of a sudden.

"What?" she asked

Draco snapped out of his thoughts and tried his best to get back to reality.. "L--look.." Draco said with his voice a little shaky pointing at Viktor Krum and his swarming group of girls. He cleared his throat, "Look closely, see that girl getting all snuggled up with Viktor Krum?" Draco asked and Hermione.

Hermione tilted her head and her eyes grew wide and her jaw dropped. It was Pansy. Pansy Parkinson clinging to Viktor Krum's arms. She let out a snicker and smirk while shaking her head.

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