But You Ran Away

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"This is a really big house," Chester mumbled as the seven of them stood outside the door to Calla's supposed family's house. "Shh, don't make her more nervous than she already is," Ricky bit back at him and turned toward Calla who seemed fine, for now, but Danny next to her seemed to be on the verge of a panic attack. 

"Danny, it's going to be fine, she'll meet her father and figure the rest out, there's no need to freak out," Ricky started out a little rough with Danny, something he didn't usually do, but the doorbell was about to be rung and he needed a plan. "Danny, please, I know I usually help you more than this, but we need to work together to keep the seams from ripping around us. Take in a few deep breaths and imagine the whole situation over, that will help with the nerves." He patted him on the back and Danny seemed to listen to him enough that Ricky turned back to the door. 

"Calla, are you ready?" He turned back to the other nervous nelly in the group, only she had her eyes transfixed on the doorbell and seemed to be frozen to the spot. "You have to reach out and push the button, that's how they work," Ricky whispered to Calla who snapped out of whatever nervous trance she was in and raised her finger to press the doorbell. 

The sound of the doorbell was the only thing shared between the six of them since Jacob decided to go to the hospital with Charlie plus he needed an emergency allergy shot. 

The six of them waited for someone to answer the door and when a short and stout woman with light brown hair answered it, none of them said a word. 

"Uh," Calla started but the woman's eyes were drawn to her went wide with shock. She mumbled something in Spanish under her breath, something along the lines of her asking a god for help in some way, at least that's what Chester could understand. "Miss Gwen, how are you here right now?" Her thick Spanish accent hid a lot of the words she spoke but they understood enough to know that she was surprised Calla was back home. It seems as though the news of her death was believed by all the people in this house. 

The woman at the door took a second and looked to the other people in front of her, she didn't seem worried that the person she knew as Gwen was among several men from the local college, instead, she moved to the side and allowed the six of them to enter the large house. 

"This isn't just a big house, it's a mansion, let's get that right first," Danny whispered to Chester who nodded along but couldn't keep his eyes off the crown molding and the gold inlay on the walls and the high ceilings that had chandeliers hanging from them. All of them, aside from Calla, was in awe of the house. Duke seemed as though it was the first time he'd seen the house, but he's been here before, it was just that shiny and the lady of the house changed the decor monthly anyway. 

Duke knew where the window to Calla's old room is, he's been there a couple of times before she made them meet in different places to hide from her step-mother. He had seen a bit of the main house but to him, he was seeing it for the first time as the rest of the guys were. 

"Ma'am, is there any way you could show me to my father?" Calla stopped walking and tried to get the attention of the woman leading them through the main hall with the tallest ceilings any of them have ever seen. "My word, calling someone like me, Ma'am...This is all very confusing," the woman with the sad eyes and the brown hair looked at Calla and no one else in the room near her. The little girl she helped raise when her mother passed away, the little girl that came to her when her step-mother was screaming through the hallways, the grown woman that couldn't remember her name. 

"I'm sorry, there was an accident and she lost nearly all of her memory, some of it has come back, but it's taking a lot of time. What's your name? Or, better yet, what did she know you by?" Ricky took the lead while Calla kept her blank stare at the woman that wanted so badly to pull her into the arms that comforted her on so many different occasions. 

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