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Dear my smart and lovely readers:

Let me just take this oppurtunity to express my love for all of you. I really appreciate all of those heartfelt comments. Nakakataba ng puso. I have several announcements to make.

1) Gareth and Steff's story shall be published in Timeless Bestsellers Inc. Bago lamang itong publishing house. It will be available on your most trusted on-line pocketbook sellers, sa Book Circle sa Recto at soon... sa National Bookstore. What will be published is the Reloaded versions of The Rogue Prince and The Unwanted Cinderella. Meaning to say, I might add some additional things from here and there. So maaaring may mga bagong eksena kayong makita. And also, aasahan ko sa suporta ninyo lalo na sa sales ng first book ko. Sana bilhin nyo pa rin siya kahit na may idea na kayo sa istorya.

Isa pa, malapit nang tuluyang magsara ang libro nina Gareth at Steff. So I hope you just hang in there. I only have 2 chapters remaining. But I am thinking of adding at least one or two more chapters. It depends on how my muse will work with me. An epilogue was also written but it will be for the book only. (Sorry guys...) or unless, you are a member of my group in FB.

2) As of right now, marami pa akong nakapilang novels. As you know, after Gareth, kakaririn ko naman si Ares. He will have two books as well. Book 1 will be Vermillion's Kiss and Book 2 will be The Fallen God of War. Also, kasabay nito ang Book 1 din ni Arthur, Falling for a Prince. I hope you'll love those men as you loved (or possibly hated) Gareth. Kung sa book ni Gareth, nakilala niyo ang ibang Pendragon men, sa Book naman ni Ares, you'll meet the dopplegangers of Tristan, Geraint and Galahad. (Because kung maalala niyo, triplets sila.)

3) Upcomming Novels. We'll, right now. I finished 2 stories for batch 2. Lancelot's Story and Halaena's Story. I am currently penning Tristan's story right now. So wait lang kayo... Patience is a virtue. 

Aside from this, I'll be releasing some Novels as well (this is not a part of Pendragon's universe). Balik muna tayo sa real world. It is tentatively titled as the Falling for a Chinito Trilogy. It will have Three Books, "Ang Best Friend kong Chinito," "Ang Boyfriend kong Chinito," at "Ang Jowa kong Chinito." It is a story of a girl who fell in love with her best friend. Siguro, romcom siya or teen fic. Basta! Pag natapos ko na, yun na yun. And also, I am looking for aspiring writers who wants to co-write with me a fantasy and epic saga. It will be my new series, it is called, Guardian's series.

My Sigma Delta Phi Series is on hold. Why? Because I do struggle a lot to work and edit Dash's story. 100k Words sya na novel,. I made that one when I am just in High School at iyon rin ang first heartache ko, kasi nareject sya ng isang pub house na ngayon ay grabeng makapanligaw sa akin para lang ipublish ko sa kanila ang Pendragon nila. Neknek nila. Over my dead sexy body.

4) To my belles in the Genie in the Bottle.

Girls! Comment kayo ditey. Di ko alam mga user names nyo kay watty. But seriously, you made my day happier girls. Inggitin natin sila! ahahaha... Sila ang mga nakakakuha ng mga behind the scenes. Bonus chapters. Throwback pictures and chapters ng mga Pendragon men. At sila rin ang kachokaran ko.

5) Magpapaalam muna ako. Siguro ay hindi muna ako magiging ka-hyper mag-update sa watty these two weeks. I have a pre-planned vacation galore which I strongly devote to spend with my source of inspiration, love and (love scenes) hahahaha... Yep. I'll be going out of town with my long time beau and my own personal brand of Chinito. So magpapamiss muna sina Gareth at ang iba pang mga boys.

6) here is a teaser of Halaena's Story. Book 1 will be. "Burning the Ice" and book 2 will be "Freezing the Flame."

Enjoy my teasings guys.


Her stare was freezing as ice. Her presence sent shivers to the spine. She was as cold as the winter air and her heart was frozen with glacial spike. Her name is Halaena Pendragon, and she was the kingdom’s Ice Queen.

Bata pa lang ay kinamuhian na niya ang kanyang kapalaran. She is courageous like a tiger, mighty as the eagle and proud like a lion. But all of that is wasted because one gruesome fact, she is a girl.

Sa kaharian ng Pendragon, lalo na sa kanilang pamilya, the men usually get the praise and accolade. Whereas, the Princesses remain as the damsels in Distress. Tingin ng tao ay mahina siya, that she cannot compete with her brothers. But guess what? They were wrong.

At a young age, Halaena had master the art of war. She is a Strategist of the Imperial Army. She is lauded as the young prodigy who led the victory of Celadon. She conquered the lands and the seas just to be acknowledged by her king of a father. But despite all of her achievements, all of her medals, Halaena was still looked down upon.

 Dahil hindi siya lalaki, wala na siyang tsansang manahin ang trono. Dahil hindi siya lalaki, she was forced to study embroidery and knitting. But she was as stubborn as a mule. So instead of cooking, she learned to shoot guns. So instead of sewing, she learned to kick some ass.

So now, her she were, standing proud as the General of the Fleet, fighting for her country and for the King! She will bring victory to this war. No one will defeat her. Not in a million years! She will defeat Fei Long in the name of the King and in the name of Pendragon!

Famine. Destruction. Cries of his People.

Emperor Xin Lei could not stand to see this anymore. Feilong is an Empire anointed by the heavens. He will not allow it to be conquered by Pendragon. For centuries, his people suffered in hands of these people. It is time to take what’s theirs. It is time to reclaim the honor of those who has fallen.

He is the Sun Emperor. His desire to win was like a blazing fire. It will consume them until they were nothing but mere ashes.

He was born a military genius and in his hands, Pendragon shall fall. Masusi niyang pinagplanuhan ang mga bagay-bagay. He’ll start a war like no other. Gugulatin niya ang mundo.

Feilong will definitely rise to the top!

Ngunit may isang tinik na namamagitan sa kanya. He had never anticipated na may isang utak sa mundong ibabaw na kayang makipagsabayan sa talino niya, especially sa hanay ng Pendragon.

It now became a game of chess. Touch move. One wrong turn and you’ll lose. One false move and its checkmate.

But as of now, it was a stalemate. Pantay lamang sila ng kakayahan.

Pero hindi siya makakapayag. He’ll be better. He’ll be the best. He is the Emperor and his Empire will win! He’ll completely smoulder them with his flame. And that’s that.


Falling for the Blue Eyed Cinderella (Gareth Pendragon Book 2)Basahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!