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"As pretty as you are
You know you could've been a flower
If good looks was minutes
You know you could've been an hour
The way you stole my heart
You know you could've been a crook
And baby you're so smart
You know you could have been a school book

Well, you could've been anything that you wanted to
And I can tell
The way you do the things you do"


So I'd have to say the grossest part of straight sex, is having to clean jizz out of yourself afterwards.

It's a fucking odd sensation.

Not really a thought that was in the front of my mind when we were having sex, or something I can say I've ever done before or thought I would ever have to do - but you live and you learn I guess.

They conveniently left that out of the brochure.

And in all the straight porn I've watched - the man always ends things coming on the womans face, which I told Harry if he ever tried to do that to me I would wipe my hand in it and smack him across the face with it.

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It was a weird feeling to sit with, just kind of standing in the shower with Harry afterwards and looking at him to say "Your sperm is inside me right now - like while I'm standing here. It's just hanging out in there"

Which had him pausing with shampoo in his hair, his fingers tangled in it as he turned slowly to look at me with a wide eyed expression.

"What?" I had asked wondering what that face was all about, finding the whole notion bizarre "It is. Isn't that weird?"

"No weirder than you swallowing it" Harry had replied with a confused expression; squinting one eye closed when shampoo slipped into it.

I pointed at him, nodding with the corners of my lips dipping down and a raise of my brows "Touche"

That's a fair point.

"But like when you really think about it, there's millions of potential children dying inside of me right now - it's like a genocide inside my vagina" I added which only made Harry stare at me with a speechless frozen expression.


It's true.

"Poor things are on a suicide mission and have no idea" I thought aloud to which Harry begged me to please stop talking.

I don't know why I expected to feel different after we finally had sex, or what I expected in general really - for something that was a huge step and such a big life moment for me, things afterwards just feel... Exactly the same.

If anything the only change is I feel, closer? Is that the word I'm looking for?

I just feel closer to him, more connected.

I suppose maybe that's because now we've literally been connected, genuinely - like sticking a plug into a power socket.

I kept glancing at his dick in the shower, with this new found appreciation for it.

It had gone where no man had gone before.

Harry noticed, and gave me a weird look - which I don't blame him for because I really was just standing there staring at it for an abnormal amount of time.

Dicks are so strange but so fascinating.

Just the fact they go from soft to hard, magically grow like one of those 'grow a pet' things that you stick in water and they expand.

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