Part 11

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I turned around, my eyes faces with a light brown wolf " oh my god Alex " I felt Alice grip my arm as I backed away. The wolf neared us snarling his teeth until, until it stopped and sat, I watched the yellow eyes shift into brown, familiar sets staring back at me

" Will are you insane! You scared the shit out of us " I yelled at him
" shushhh " he spun around and turned back to us " you can't be here, come on "

As we set foot onto the road I took a deep breath " hey thanks for that " I turned to Will and he just smiled " it's good that you got Alice back " I turned to her as she sat on the curb sobbing " it's not gonna be easy for her, she's been missing for three years. I don't think we can take her home yet " I explained
" keep her with you, too much police will get involved if she returns home " I nodded and stared at Will

" I'm sorry "
He rolled his eyes, I felt guilty. I hated involving Will in all of this, and worst at all, if he got caught? Who knows what would happen

" I'll see you tomorrow yeah? " he smiled as he turned, shifting back into his wolf and ran  into the woods
" hey Alice " she looked up at me and wiped her wet cheeks " look, I can't take you home-" I know, that will probably be the first place they look for me " she interrupted me and I nodded

" I've got a room at motel, a couple of blocks from here. We can stay there " I wanted to tell Alice about meeting her sister, but I felt like she'd wanna leave...I can't risk us getting caught again.


I looked at Luke and Greg, tapping my fingers against the desk as they stood with their heads bowed.
" two humans have escaped in the last couple of weeks " I stated
" two HUMANS! " my fists banged against the desk, I didn't care for the missing girl whoever she was...but I knew my mate was the one who came here. I was angry, I was angry at myself that I hadn't sensed her or the fact that any of my pack weren't able to catch two humans

" we don't know what happened Alpha, we believe Tom was given some sleeping potion " Luke explained as he scratched the back of his neck
" how have you not found her yet! " I yelled, feeling my wolf surfacing, I gripped the table my claws scratching against the wood
" Alpha, we'll do another search, we believe your mate might be using magic..."

The small bell rang above me as I closed the door to the small shop, the smell of blossoms filled my nose...she's been in here
" be there in a second! " I stood still watching a small women enter the room, her smile dropped and she stepped back " how may I help you? " I could sense the panic setting over her
Witches were allowed to stay here, but they weren't well liked. Personally I hated the wicked things, I could see her eyes shifting around me

" where is she, I know you know why I'm here " I explained, she gulped and walked behind the counter as she avoided my eye contact
" I'm not too sure what your on about " I chuckled and walked closer to her

" don't play with me witch " snarling I pushed the till to the floor making her jump back
" I will burn this place down if you don't tell me her loc-" I stopped, hearing the small bell jingling and two voices entering the shop

I turned around, my body freezing as I stared into those amazing grey eyes.


I couldn't move, my body froze I didn't know what to do. I gripped Will's arm out of instinct making the man in front of me growl as he glared at my hand " shit " Will muttered

" pleas! Everyone just calm down " Lilly yelled frantically " I have very valuable things in this shop "
My eyes moved back to Grayson, the man who locked me up in a cell for months and all I could do was...laugh, and laugh

I felt everyone's eyes on me, confusion written on their faces " Alex are you alright? " Will asked concerned and I just nodded as I took a deep breath " sorry about that " I smiled, I turned to Grayson and raised my eyebrow
" what? " he looked at me shocked, clearly not expecting that response

" do you know how long I've been looking for you?! " he yelled all of a sudden
" you could have been dead for all I knew! " I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms " well not really cause you wouldn't be alive then " he stormed towards me grabbing my arm harshly, pulling me away from Will " you're coming with me " as he opened the door I kicked it back shut and pulled my arm away

Rummaging through my pocket I quickly felt the soft dust in my fingers and flicked in the face starring daggers at me.
I watched his body fall to the floor with a big thud " Alex! Are you insane! " I looked at Will confused as he pulled at his hair " what did you want me to do? Follow him back so he can lock me up again?! " I yelled back frustrated

" this is not good, this is sooooo not good " I watched Will pacing across the shop and my eyes landed on Lilly who had a small smile on her face " never thought I'd have an Alpha passed out beneath my feet " she walked up to him and caressed his face, I watched her confused " umm we're not doing anything with him " she looked at me and smiled softly " of course " she stood up quickly and walked up to Will

I looked down at Grayson and kneeled, it weirdly bothered me...doing this. No! Stop it's just the weird pull between mates making you think this! " so what do we do? " I asked
" what do we do?! How about not have the most powerful Alpha laying on the floor UNCONSCIOUS! " I crossed my arms and looked at Will " you really need to calm down "


So looking back through my story I've realised I've made a few mistakes and messed up on the names of the characters and also on the details. I've gone through and fixed them, hopefully it didn't cause any confusion x

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